Little Bo Peep ate all her sheep. She went

  • Little Bo Peep ate all her sheep. She went to the nearby village to hunt more of them.

  • This was now a third world banana republic, food shortages and all. In the streets people fought over food. Winter was coming and it was going to be colder and wetter.

  • But at least we had our satellite TV. So even though there were riots in the streets, we could eat saltines and wonder who would get the rose on "The Bachelor."

  • Eventhough the show was horrible and there were better things to do. I turned off the TV by throwing the remote control through the screen and then moved into the kitchen

  • there was a 7 year old bottle of Jack Daniels...

  • Drunk as it should have made the poor foolish imp it didn't. Instead it made him more sober. The more the imp drank of the Jack Daniels the more he thought clearly. Until he was a

  • shaman on a mountaintop, with pilgrims climbing to visit him every day in search of wisdom. "I got wise by drinking Jack Daniels," the imp told them in earnest. They thought he was

  • nice for sharing his secret, & binged on Jack Daniels to get wise themselves. Soon, the sheriff had a holding cell full of drunks. "Itsh cuz of zhuh Wise Imp!" hiccuped his deputy.

  • The sheriff, staring coldly and soberly at the little mini party of drunkards in the cell quickly got jealous. He wasn't above having a good time and even got drunk himself. This w

  • as about to become the night that put this town on the map. When people around the world thought drunken Sheriff, mini drunkards and circus lions, they would think Omaha, Nebraska.



  1. jaw2ek Mar 25 2017 @ 09:37

    They got sheep in Omaha, right?

  2. LordVacuity Mar 25 2017 @ 09:47

    Just to be clear the imp in this story was not Jenkins the Leprechaun.

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