Pop Quiz: You're doing about 45 and the light

  • Pop Quiz: You're doing about 45 and the light turns yellow. There may or may not be a large ditch on your left. Do you: A) slow down; B) speed up; or C)
  • Slam on your breaks? I stared at the computer screen trying to decide on my answer. This wasn't in the Driver's ED book, or if it was, I don't remember. Three wrong. One more and
  • my dad who was giving me the driver's test would be forced to cheat to get me to pass. I wasn't ashamed of nepotism, I embraced it. I promised my dad that I would give freebies to
  • all the little children who wanted them, if I didn't have to
  • write a few more lines describing what happened in the previous fold, I would have been happy to give 'them' something? Where was I? Doctor Freud woke at the question. "Tell me
  • how did your Mother ruin your miserable life?" Dr Freud was shocked at the question, why would anyone blame someone else for their rotten luck? After all
  • it was obviously Jung who was responsible, and primarily because of his infidelities with that psychopathic waif. Now, Freud himself had a taste for the "shadow". The cat-o-nine
  • tails is a pretty good instrument to use on your psychiatrists. Instead of solving our problems, they just prescribe us drugs and wax philosophical. Do they stop greed or bigotry?
  • No way! In conclusion, I propose that all patients join in insurrection against their psychiatrists, preferably violently. For as it says in the Bible,
  • "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." And since I am a bonafide, certified sadist, I believe we all know what to do, don't we?! I'm sick. So sick. Blebebeehhahaaph!


  1. Zetawilk Mar 26 2014 @ 21:25

    I was really expecting the wax thing to be taken literally rather than a 180-degree spin to turn the narrator insane.

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