A little old lady danced on a lonely street

  • A little old lady danced on a lonely street corner, chanting "Don't kill the man who paints your house. Don't kill the man who paints your house. Ai-di-di-die di-di-di-die."

  • Apparently she had had Gonzo The Painter at her house and he had been murdered before he finished the job. Now Mrs. Smith had to get someone to finish the job! Who to call?

  • Three seconds later, Mrs. Smith's phone rang. The caller was incomprehensible but seemed enthusiastic. Some Muppet named Animal showed up with paint and brushes to finish Gonzo's m

  • mural that he had started on the brick walls of the County courthouse. Animal painted with Kermit the Frog green. His strokes were quite

  • Controversial when it was learned that the paints included fetal tissue harvested from the Atlanta Zoo under a full blue moon.

  • After figuring this out I shrugged it off and began to paint it all over my house. I didn't realize that tonight was a blue moon and the tissue would

  • come alive and turn into a zombie and kill everyone

  • or wait until night and be bitten by a werewolf the decisions were endless. "I'll take tea black with just a hint on lemon." Fools!" he thought "If only you had

  • hot chocolate, you would know true delight!" Then he resumed thinking about werewolves. And hot chocolate. An odd combination, if you thought about it, but he chose not to overt

  • ly express his disdain for anyone who wasn't as much of a chocoholic lycanthrope as he was. He silently judged them but later howled at the moon and drank six mugs of hot cocoa.



  1. Rebbie Sep 29 2016 @ 14:05

    In the end I should ensure safety from werewolves by always wearing a fur coat and keeping a plentiful supply of high end hot chocolate...with marshmallows.

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