It was Christmas Eve. She was lying in bed

  • It was Christmas Eve. She was lying in bed next to him, excitedly talking about hot cocoa and gingerbread. He listened...and then burst into tears. "What's wrong?" she asked. He

  • spoke on a shy voice as if apologizing:"You're all excited on Xmas stuff you've been doing all your life...You've been doing me for only two years and already you're bored!".Tears

  • for Fears turned out to be lame after all. As the preceding quote established, they whined all the time. The Pet Shop Boys on the other hand were totally manly and you could

  • See their hairdos from a mile away. These guys had some crazy hair man.

  • Not to split fine hairs on it, but these guys didn't have all the bees in their bonnet. Their purple dyed sea urchin dreadlocks seemed to me such Echinodermatic coquetry,

  • and I was urgin' for urchin. But I was unaware that the purple dreads were exposed nerves. When I pinched one, my most private thoughts were transfered to the rastaman, including

  • every little secret from my past that I had been trying to keep at the back of my mind. The rastaman stared at me, looking rather bewildered at my thoughts, and asked me, "what is

  • your desired effect? A mind fuck or couch lock? I personally just did both and now I'm so high, you're hallucinating." We smoked his stash & I coughed each secret out of my mind

  • into The Vault. Now I was in, like it or not. They'd know it was me that stole the lighter back in '98. Me that ate the cookies in '06. But there were other secrets in The Vault.

  • Ah, yes...but my innermost secrets they would never, ever discover...unless they followed me on FoldingStory. For that, my dear friends, is where all Truths are revealed.



  1. Ariax Nov 03 2012 @ 04:24

    The funny thing is, this is actually the second of two stories I started with that exact fold. Apparently if you hit back after submitting it, it submits it again! Isn't technology wonderful? If curious as to how this folding story would turn out differently, you can find another version here: http://foldingstory.com/xssx01/

  2. PurpleProf Nov 03 2012 @ 07:42

    Ha! That's great!

  3. SlimWhitman Nov 03 2012 @ 12:59

    I was almost sure I'd seen this fold in another story - and I even participated! Thanks for jogging my 'memory'.

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