When the "Association" had taken over the

  • When the "Association" had taken over the energy ports, they'd placed a ton of new restrictions and tariffs that of course slowed everything down. But he could wait

  • no longer. His destiny would come now or never. Sanctioned or not by the "Association", his experiments required more raw power and no random restrictions would hamper

  • him in bringing Frankie to life. He flipped the heavy switch and the air buzzed with electricity and the lights in the city below dimmed. The two accumulators discharged and the

  • sparks flew to head bolts. "IT'S ALIV... no wait." There was a knock on the door. He quickly covered the mutilated corpse with a tarp and turned down the jacob's ladder. "Um, yes?"

  • "Special Delivery here, looks heavy doc" replied the voice. It was Rob the delivery man, a reliable man but completely ignorant to my experiments. It was the Corpse Animator X90

  • turbo. A device that not only brought the dead to life, but made them fast. Fast enough to get there before it was too late. I knew what I had to do. I ran to the church where

  • they were giving out free cookies and Kool-aid for the blood drive. Blood cells were being whipped by cowboys in doctor's smocks perched atop Clydesdales. I peeked between hind

  • u texts and saw a philosophical article on willing. "Heady stuff for a doctor's office," I thought, starting to read: "The only true drive is pure will..." The blood drive vanished

  • I got excited. Written in this Holy Book was the True Secret to kicking the habit and becoming an ex-Vman. I read on:'Pure will is summoned by the Mind, ignoring the heart, the wan

  • ting of Vampire Blood." Lame! Screw all this hippy dippy stuff. I was addicted to Vjuice and I was a proud Vman. Now lets go find some Vamps to drain!



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