She came home that night all happy and bubbly

  • She came home that night all happy and bubbly and her husband could barely see her behind the big bouquet she had in one arm.Mostly daisies,so he had a pretty good idea on who
  • -se bed she'd slept all day. "It was Robert, wasn't it, Suzy?" he accused. Suzy's husband clenched his fist and turned her into a Black Eyed Susan. But she rose up and defended her
  • side of the Stratego board with passion. She'd laid out number 1's and sappers and bombs based on the lines in Robert's face. She'd learned Stratego Phrenology from a bald
  • man in the back alleys of Ho Chi Minh City. He smelled like expired tofu and was always asking if you wanted a puff on his doobie. Only he never had any pot. She thought of Robert.
  • and wondered if she could visit him in Chi Hoa prison. Robert hadn't told her exactly why he'd been jailed for 10 years, but as far as she could tell it was all a terrible misunder
  • Standing over who won the ping pong match on April 27, 2012. Four years later, Robery still claimed he won the match, not Long Nguyen. Long sued Robert, making it worse.
  • Now it was 5 years after it had all began and there was still no end in sight. Though the details had been hidden, the story wasn't forgotten. Then people began to share it
  • & added to the story, regardless of past iterations, with whimsical plot twists & characters with character flaws. No matter how long a story drags on, it is entire
  • ly possible that you, yes you Reader, will end up as a character in the story. Something about your personal history will be brought up to start you off paranoid. As an example,
  • 42twentyfour was striding down a street when a man wearing jeans and reminded him of his nasty affair. 42twentyfour went to the doctors, paranoid. Regrettably, his story ends there


  1. m80 Jul 04 2017 @ 21:12

    Always glad to see a super old story finally get published.

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