On February 9th, 1964, I sat down with my

  • On February 9th, 1964, I sat down with my family in front of our black-and-white television set to watch a magical moment. The Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show. As the show

  • began, I happened to glance out the window. then I did a double take. It was the reincarnated corpse of John F Kennedy, back for revenge!

  • Unfortunately, JFK's soul had entered the body of Louie Anderson. All this existential, pathologic, presidential obsessive rage housed in the body of a corpulent comedian.

  • It couldn't stay. First, it was the belly fat. It started poking out like the monster from aliens during stage shows. Then, it started forcing Louie to tell it's jokes, but those

  • jokes fell even flatter than Louie's previous-generation jokes had fallen upon those poor young ears. It felt so alone inside Louie's belly, even more of an outsider than before. W

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  • Wilbur paused. He could just see an "ow." in his sight. If he pulled the trigger he might take down one of his cows. But maybe it was a crow? "Dangit, how's a simple Foldfarmer

  • Going to know how the story will end? You can't!" His wife said that was just fine with her. She loved the randomness of it all. Wilbur was too worried about plot, she complained.

  • My MOMA tour guide always said "blending is as blending does" and never batted cleanup for the Redondo Beach Ponces, but then nobody else ever did either because Wilbur made’em up.

  • In retrospect, I understand now why Wilbur lied. He had to. You don't mess with the Redondo Beach Ponces. Especially Fred.



  1. PurpleProf Aug 15 2016 @ 21:40

    I love the "randomness of it all".

  2. LordVacuity Aug 15 2016 @ 21:47

    WOW SunsetMage! Just WOW. You got some balls Mister. To let fly with a simple "ow." like that. You Sir, or Madam, are the very definition of the word audacity. (Maybe not so gender specific but that is another nut to crack some other time.) But it flew. By God it flew. It looked like it was going to go off the rails and into the ravine but thanks to the deft fingers of SlimWhitman the tires stayed on the road and the car's body rejoined them a few seconds later allowing us to continue our trip.

  3. SlimWhitman Aug 17 2016 @ 00:15

    Just my job sir, trying to keep the car on the road for my leg of the journey. Thanks for the audacity of ".ow" SunsetMage. Sometimes it's just what the story needs.

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