The wolf called in his weekly pizza order,

  • The wolf called in his weekly pizza order, only this time he wanted spinach, mushroom and onion - with easy garlic. "Don't forget to put dried peppers in the bag! My son was

  • ready for his first day on the job. "Now remember son," I said. "This vegan pizza is to be delivered directly to the wolf. Don't dilly-dally or talk to strangers." He wore his red

  • kimono and on his head wore a

  • samurai banzai scarf but under the kimono he wore a hello kitty mawashi. When he stepped on his obi and stumbled

  • on a piece of broken glass ...and something wet and sticky which reminded him of

  • something very unpleasant. He found himself hoping that it was just blood, and not some other, more distasteful bodily fluid. He held it up to the light and saw

  • Eureka! It's oil! He casually asked Mrs. Vanderspilt about the termite he had seen in the basement. Shrieking, she offered the mansion at a bargain. He had a gusher going in no tim

  • , Dick, or Harry, but right here in Francesca Vandersplit's house. The drillers showed up right away and yammered on in excitement. This here well could save the orphanage,

  • if only the doggoned drillrs would stop yakking and start drilling the well. Francesca Vandersplit and the orphans had been waiting to quench their thirsts for over an hour, now.

  • Finally the Man with the Cigar rode clearly across the ridge above the minor's camp. He lit a cigar and a stick of dynamite off the same match. He took a toke of the dynamite.



  1. Woab Mar 23 2017 @ 16:28

    I'll bet that got that doggoned well dug, and fast!

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