amazingly odd that the quarter had fallen

  • amazingly odd that the quarter had fallen on it's edge over 12 times! as he prepared to flip it again, there came a shout from across the street. It was mrs. gerdsley making some

  • mashed potatoes with butter, only a dollar a cup. She hurried over to offer one for the lucky quarter, pointing out that it was less then half price. Such an offer was ha

  • m to her ears. The lucky quarter would power the entire

  • 15 minutes of Magic Fingers "tingling relaxation and ease", or so the box on the nightstand advertised. ~kerplunk~ went the quarter and ~bzzzzzzz~ went the mattress. She

  • spread her legs and pushed her pelvis against the mattress. No sensation came. Her Ex was right, she was dead from the waist down. She put on some sweats and grabbed some ice cream

  • and sat through her entire collection of chick flicks, hoping the sight of a steamy Hollywood hunk would return feeling to her groin. To her horror, it was

  • Samantha from accounting. Her groin instantly flared up! Maybe she didnt need a big strong man, but instead Samantha's tight little butt she had been staring at for weeks. Sweat

  • ers clung tightly to Samanthas rubenesque figure & the broad colorful stripes made her look like a Nana come alive. Margret let the tingling in her groin do the talking & winked at

  • him with her powerful groin muscles. Softly at first, then progressively louder, a voice could be heard from under her dress, singing an Irish drinking song.

  • Suddenly, the entire cast of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" emerged from Mary's special place. The studio audience went wild and the show was a success.



  1. gbgbgbgb Jul 11 2011 @ 02:19

    Well that's 'HI DE HI DE HI DE HI DE HI DE HI DE HI' stuck in my head for the rest of the week, thanks!

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