The Reciters wandered in the toxic mist along

  • The Reciters wandered in the toxic mist along the highway, before a dawn that would never come -- the Firemen exhausted in pursuit, the phantom calls from Mars unanswered,

  • the Reciters broke their plasma sparks into the halogen winds. The men of fire allowed their halo's to be absorbed by the terror ship. The skeleton dawn took over the planet.

  • Ebon winged bone things soared on thermal updrafts from the smoking ruins like spiders in the purple nitric oxide sky. Cosmonaut Lazutkin landed his rocket ship on the uncharted

  • bathroom tile.

  • If only the blimey cat would learn to vomit on the tile and not the shower mat. The rug cleaner and paper towel may as well be permanent fixtures in the bathroom, like the toilet

  • and the hyper-powered water blaster. Who knew that cat vomit stains were so difficult to get out of the grouting? The cat sat watching me as I struggled to remove his latest batch

  • from between the tiles. "That's it, Cat," I muttered as I scrubbed, "You and I are going for a little ride after this. Far away!" I intended to take the cat out to the country and

  • go on a fishing trip with her so we can bond properly. In the spirit of openness that ensued, Whiskers confided in me she didn't MEAN to leave hairs all over my sofa. "We cats have

  • deep insecurities about our shedding issues." Mr. Whiskers hung his head in shame. I dared a soft stroke under the chin. "There, there my friend all is well." The purring assured

  • Me that Mr. Whiskers was satisfied with his birthday presents. Some old mice were retired but wouldn't go to Coventry except in their own Mouse-mobile. It ran.using cheese.



  1. IceSquad Mar 31 2017 @ 02:15

    Able to talk AND a tranny... no wonder ol' Whiskers has issues.

  2. Woab Mar 31 2017 @ 13:35

    Boffo opening line there, Blasted!

  3. Rebbie Mar 31 2017 @ 13:53

    It started in a firetruck on the highway and ended in a cheese powered mouse-mobile headed to the coventry.

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