It all unfolded in slomo.

  • It all unfolded in slomo.

  • Philadelphia musician Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner is the veteran of many bands and has

  • long feared that he might even be late to his own funeral. Even so, and often briefly, many bands hired Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner because he could bring time to a standstill and people

  • who hadn't hit the dance floor since before linoleum was invented no longer feared a heart attack. As Mike crooned into the mic

  • roscope, Dr. Destructo tapped on his shoulder. "Mike," he said with a sympathetic sigh, "disco is long dead. And you're in the lab..." The realization that it was no longer 1977

  • was never going to get through to Mike, he loved Disco too much, he was an old Disco queen, he didn't know anything else, and Dr. Destructo knew there was no use telling him it was

  • Long past the Disco era and it was time to wake up to smell the coffee. Dr. Demento stood by and pretended to read the newspaper.

  • Later on in the night Dr. Demento confided in me that he had already smelt the coffee before there even was a Disco. "All you johnny come latelys crying into your beers last night,

  • I can't believe I was ever like you people, and I was. I was damn sure I had all the answers just like you are right now. I found the answers but well, I guess we're both in this s

  • hitty ass bar drinking watered down booze with both our fingers on the trigger, now, aren't we. That should tell you something about answers. Lets see how tonight answers out.



  1. Woab May 03 2017 @ 18:25

    Ooh, Shabbadu, that is one gritty ending!

  2. LordVacuity May 03 2017 @ 18:48

    No we know why it was in Slomo.

  3. LordVacuity May 03 2017 @ 18:50

    I don't think Dr. Demento is a medical doctor.

  4. SlimWhitman May 04 2017 @ 01:25

    Wow, this just keeps the feeling of a music video the way the camera follows us in slomo

  5. BlastedHeath May 05 2017 @ 20:55

    That was some good riffery.

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