"Hey, I know..." I hated when she started

  • "Hey, I know..." I hated when she started a sentence with those words. Trouble would soon follow, I knew. Almost as bad was, "I was wondering..." I drew a deep breath and waited.

  • "if you understand what I am saying?" All of her statements ended with a questionmark, as if she was unsure anything. "My name is Mabel? I live in Portsmouth?" The inflection was

  • strangely alluring, like a sexy self-effacing bunny rabbit. Just as I was about to silflay, however, she turned in my direction - praise El-Ahrairah! - and said, questioningly,

  • What is the answer to 321*786? Well of course that was easy: "252,306" I replied huskily. We rabbits are known for our great ability to multiply. "My name is Hazel - and yours?"

  • "Call me East." The bunny said. He was tall, grizzled, cowboy hat, cheroot in his jaw, a gun belt with jelly beans, a satchel full of colored eggs. The rest of the bunnies were

  • uneasy. Brair Hare thumped out a warning.The black tail warren formed a circle around East, paws near their bean shooters. East smirked & when they drew, flicked his egg grenades

  • up in the air and then rabbit-punched them while they were distracted. Having dispatched this latest threat East lit a stogie, opened a pack of jelly bellies and sat back. A female

  • rabbit cushioned East in her camel yoga pose. "Easter and Wabbit Season coincide this year," The Bunny told her. "I just wanna hide eggs, not dye trying." He nervously ate another

  • speckled egg. She brought out the chocolate bunny. The Bunny shrieked, "You fiend!" She said, "Look inside." At this, The Bunny became invisible, and hid the eggs with panache.

  • The hair salon got upset with eggs being littered around their joint, accidentally stepping on and breaking several of them. "Aw snap," the Bunny said. "Next year, better hiding."



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 08 2012 @ 14:49

    Hey kiddies, this Easter we're hiding dreadful puns in the folds of the story. See if you can spot them. Some are speckled. -The Cheshire Bunny

  2. Zetawilk Apr 08 2012 @ 18:45

    We are?

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