There is very little time left. 24 hours

  • There is very little time left. 24 hours to be exact. If I don't shut it off the world will be destroyed

  • IRREVERSIBLY!" They looked blank. "Which world are you referring to, Pete? I see no threat to our world." Pete turned red and shouted, "THE WORLD OF HAMSTERS! IF WE DON'T DISABLE T

  • HE GIANT HAMSTER WHEEL ALLOF HAMSTERKIND IS DOOMED TO A SISYPHUSIAN FATE OF MEANINGLESS DRUGGERY!" Pete could be extreme about things. Hamsters were his passion so we humoed him

  • until Pete abducted us. When my wife and I woke up, we were surrounded by wood chips in a plastic room with tubes. A voice boomed, "WELCOME TO MY HAMSTER HABITRAIL OF DOOM!"

  • "Oh, no, honey! What do we do?!" My wife shrieked. "This is ALL Pete's fault!" He should've never

  • opened the box labeled ‘Pirate Treasure’! Why would anyone label a box of pirate treasure that way! Pete should’ve known it was a trick!” My wife was upset because inside the box

  • was another map to the pirate's treasure. This one called for them to time travel to 2019 San Francisco. Ona Oopaloo pointed out is was 2019 & they were already in San Francisco.

  • "Hmm," uttered Camphalulu, "Maybe we shouldn't have stopped in at that pot shop before we started our journey." But Ona didn't hear him. She was too busy staring at a pirate ship

  • , watching pirates hoist the sails. They were approaching them! Ona waved. "Ahoy there laddies!" The pirates shouted, "What have ye got there?" "Cannabis," Camphalulu said.

  • "Hope yarr got enough to sate me maties." "Err... No." So the pirates shot him out of a cannon and giggled as they watched him explode over the neighbouring village. Don't do drugs



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