"Don't touch it!" she screamed because it

  • "Don't touch it!" she screamed because it was moving. It seemed to have a mind of its own, which seemed impossible but the eyes don't lie and now they were standing
  • on foot high stalks, waving like a roaches antennae but with eyes on them. It was standing on three legs. Wait the third one wasn't a leg! It quivered and shivered and whirred and
  • ticked and then detached itself from the mutant's hips and grew into a thirty-foot tall robot. "I am the Thirdlegadroid," said the robot. This was a more formidable force than
  • the entirety of the descent of Shia LeBouf's career after he became an obnoxious hipster and started badmouthing video game consoles like we give a fuck. The 30-ft Thirdlegadroid
  • did give a fuck however and blasted the little shit to pieces. Then he turned around and asked politely:'Is there anything else I can do for you ma'am?' She couldn't answer him as
  • she was speechless at what he'd just done. He'd seen that look before & knew his work was done...for now. After he left, she looked him up on Angie's List. Top ratings. She called
  • Angie and asked,"your list, what are the ratings for?" "It's a logarithm," mumbled Angie,"giving different weightings for freshness, juiciness and ripeness." He'd be eatable at 6pm
  • after he was done marinating in his own fruit juices. It was a matter of holding out until then so that they could dig into his tender fruit flesh with the gusto it deserved.
  • "Well this is just peachy", said Peach. "I'm stewing in my own juish and a shwarm o' hungry flute fries, I mean fruit fays, wantin to eat me up. What would annoying orange do?"
  • Peach abruptly killed herself, perhaps realizing that a life predicated on Annoying Orange was not a life worth living.


  1. lucielucie Oct 12 2013 @ 11:50

    I think I meant algorithm

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