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Wow. This story surprisingly makes somewhat sense in its own little world. To stretch it a bit (or maybe too much), it can be said that it’s a psychedelic frostbitten academic satire - consistent, if not perfect as a prose.

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I liked that he was struck blind in line 7, but could “see” that they were angry at him in line 9. It seems like a fun play on the idea of visual vs. mental or emotional (?) understanding of the situation.

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Woab.  You are the master. The line prior to yours was very short; it was interesting but incomplete. You lifted it to a psychological level that allowed it to grow and become extremely interesting.

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Oh good grief, you craven supplicant. WOAB has no vanity to be fluffed. Her oven is afire and the blackbirds call you to the swingset in the forest.

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Quell, quell, it’s true, it’s true: I’m a lily-livered suitor, too, seeking narcissistic praise, and here upon malaise, I do wallow in the haze; quote the raven, “A swing set you back, ”  So, I take my leave to the forest of Black.

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Heck, positive reinforcement always helps. Thank you!

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psst—that was a good coninuation, Woab ;-)

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