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He regains consciousness startled and continues to struggle through the doggy door. Then, a shadow cuts across his face. Looking up, he cannot see the person's face because

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Pumas (jungle cat stand up comedians from Austria) decided to put on a one night only comedy festival to raise money for the poor doomed humans. The venue was booked, the date set,

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Lolita's next stop was the Folger's factory where she traded in the glass container and it's contents for a sizable tin of cheap disgusting Folger's Coffee. Just the worst coffee.

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Stood in front of us and said, "Doth thou speak ill of your latent thought of robbing the bank?" Tad remembered he had made a joke and apologised to the shadow. "Okay.", it replied

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you dance the grotesque dance of life, a false smile painted on your face. Your sad eyes, little toy, speak the truth. Dance, little toy, dance! You have no choice.

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reality tunnel? Of course it doesn't since "M" is merely a symbol and is not conscious. If you induce yourself into an unconscious state you cannot experience any form

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trendsetters that they were, would have fainted at the sight of such a ghastly accessory. I however only had to wear it for a fortnight and then the money would be mine.

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way was a little more serpentine with brief stop offs at the 6th circle of hell and the men's bathroom of purgatory. Lord Al the dog had a wild curiosity and an insatiable

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Independence Day Picnic in the Park, Nothing brought nothing. Helene's wedding, Nothing brought nothing. Potluck Paducah Days to raise money for the Swan Nose cancer, Nothing broug

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ld see it as being found worthy of being the scapegoat by taking this grenade for us. Afterall, we had plans for our lives before this war. You didn't even have your own nothing.