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"Yep." They all knew why Lao-zi left the village. Bunch of psychos. "OK, catch up later!" Mark closed his laptop and wished he had a webcam to dash against the wall. Zeb

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more of the same. And what is "real work" really? Maybe just another ruse of the economic vampires. I gathered my clocks and fed them to the bonfire. A few birds sang and the sky

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My implant told me I had the wrong ideas in my head and I would be recycled if I left the apartment. My wife seemed content in our isolation. I asked what her implant had told her.

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"Proximity alert!" said my implant. I'd recovered from Zeto-5 but my immune system was trashed. A woman set down a packet in the alley. "My boss said you should see this." Really?

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buy cat food for Bowser, and, more notably, he forgot the sanitary napkins his wife, Shirley, had sent him out to get. To make matters worse, the herbed cream cheese had melted and

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"What strains of the Virus was he injected with?" asked Akane, as she loaded her guns. "Chimera and Neuman. He's strong AND smart." replied Hajime, getting his sword ready.

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"Don't be a cutiepie by quoting me". The first 666 to call will also receive a limited edition DVD of "The Alternative Facts I Just Made Up For You" by Kellyanne Conway. Call now!

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than a pair of buttocks in too-small underwear. But they were dreamers, these two. Two old-timey dreamers lost in the bladder control aisle, in the time of a pandemic. Would they

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-ed me that the deadbolt he had installed on my head would stay locked forever, guaranteed. Well, now my mind was opened, thanks to the girl in the sky, and it was frightening