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the emergency ward of late. Torn, shredded people, rib cages snapped open, intestines half-chewed, with the patients often screaming nonstop. Dr. Goodfeel was glad he was a gyneco-

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I’ve been authoring this story for six years, and I don’t know where to begin. I wish a chemist would create a pill for writer’s block; something like Text-Lax, or Word Softener.

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I'm going to comb my tooth, I'm speaking the truth, I'm combing my tooth, wouldn't want you to think me uncouth, I'm still combing my tooth, my favorite tree is a spruce, my favor

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THE GRAND CANYON was formed by a six-mile-wide Asteroid strike some sixty-some million years ago, or if isn't anything more than some-sort-of conspiracy conjured up by a group of

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Existence is but one stage of a soul's journey home. A journey with no duration nor movement. The only soul's journey back to itself and beyond. With neither question nor answer as

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forego buying armor this semester to pay the ridiculous tuition. He knew he could cover the lack by wearing a glamour. Uriah found he had been assigned to an acolyte who was adept

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The king is dead. The kingdom is long gone. The bush I landed on was still there. I could hear plasma weapons being used on the island behind me. Good. Let them stay busy while I

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Howard paced nervously across his father’s study, waiting his turn at the Old Man; knowing he wouldn’t claim the child, growing in Duchess Pam’s womb, as his own, Howard plotted to

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John Henry stood in the corner coughing up bloody phlegm. “That Doc is spreading Covid”, the criminal cried. DHM and I stopped laughing. Bat Masterson walked in, asking, “Covid?

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I would then have applied the Frosty to the orange plastic chair right there at Wendy's, and then sat in it, presumably with a satisfying hiss of steam. But I was not that tactful.