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At 4, Sezu was taken from an orphanage by a mysterious man to an underground facility. Trained in martial arts for 12 years to become a perfect assassin, she is now known as… Nomi.

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The whole test for qualifications. The pirates passed with flying colours and some flew higher than others. Some had huge wings and others did not. The pirate captain measured

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Plastic Gyres. Environmentalists & Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots clashed on beaches. The robots got smashed to plastic bits & floated out to sea because they could only face each other.

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"But I'm starving!" cried Alice Bowie, "I only ate a little bit! And we haven't any guests to give the yellow snow!" And they would not see any guests for years, still Alice would

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they quickly found me a pink shirt to match my ruined slacks, and we came to a startling realization. I look great in pink! It was then I began my career as an all-pink wearing

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culture and gastronomical discomfort. When describing the soup he thought he'd said, "The turds of geese drunk on Beaujolais," in French, but what it really translated to was

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push it into heaven but then they couldn't remember what it was! "It must be a wheelbarrow of money- the financial gift," said Floyd. "So it shall be," said The Lord, "& what was I

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ie, temporarily incapable of wizardly intonation, invoking a demon with a scythe who mowed the grass. The grass merely jeered and overwhelmed Charlie with its freshly mowed scent.

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The Borges borg had Borges memory engrams & its novel "How to Be Happy While Starving" was facetious since borgs don't eat & the hyena had been stuffed & reanimated after the fatal

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stood at the edge of the natural world and wondered how to play with it next. As a demigodess, Predestina found her powers to be a bit of a bore and wanted, really, just to have a