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I have seen it, the Jersey Devil, lurking among the trees, they claim I am crazy but I believe in what I saw. He looked me right in the eye with a devious smirk and just...

Finished: 11/26/14 @ 16:35
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Dear Princess Celestia, you have thirty minutes to move your chariot, or your chariot will be crushed into a cube. Yours sincerely, the Canterlot Traffic Control.

Finished: 11/25/14 @ 20:21
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The side kicks didn't want to be sidekicks anymore. They wanted to be in charge. So being lead by Bucky they started a revolt. The first attack was on Captain America who

Finished: 11/24/14 @ 20:44
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I don't have voice, I don't believe wasting my breath is beneficial. Why speak if no is going to listen?

Finished: 11/24/14 @ 05:52
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The man wore a wide brimmed hat, mask, stripped suite, cape & white gloves. The McDonald's employees thought it was a joke, but when he pulled a gun out of a bag & said "Robble,

Finished: 11/24/14 @ 05:46
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I couldn't believe what had just happened. My heart raced and my head pounded. Was I dreaming or could this actually be real?

Finished: 11/23/14 @ 22:40
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My hand hovered over the button. I didn't believe it was the decision my palm faced, but the coffee that left me shaky. "Don't do it--not to them," I heard her from behind me.

Finished: 11/23/14 @ 22:36
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When he reached for the last fry he heard a voice, "Please don't eat me." He looked in the bag. The last french fry was weeping and looked at him with such sorrowful eyes.

Finished: 11/23/14 @ 22:29
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There I was, standing all alone. I could not believe the world is ending right before my eyes. Everyone and everything was gone. All I can see is

Finished: 11/22/14 @ 21:05
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Monkeys don't wear shoes, how could I've been so stupid? The half-monkey sneered at me and took my cell phone. He sniffed it and decided it was useless. There goes my escape route.

Finished: 11/22/14 @ 16:46