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Twas the Bill before Christmas & all thu the House, the lawyers were grumbling & beginning to grouse. "T'will take a fortnight to see this thing done, I'm tired but let's have some

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This was supposed to be that list that I promised in that other missive. I say "was supposed to be that list" because it started with the intention of giving you the list but as yo

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I am a variant man. I am a variegated man. I'm a vagrant man. I'm a homely man. I'm a cocooning man. I'm a distracted man. I'm a distributed man. I'm a

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"Howard, I'm telling you. The man's a genius. The contraption he mounts on his cattle collect the methane emisions, he gets to book a carbon windfall & then he sells it to the

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They called him Farty Marty,, but Martin couldn't help if his mother believed legumes were potent brain food but Gasex was a no go cause sniffing farts increased his test scores.

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SELECT * FROM People P LEFT OUTER JOIN Relations R on R.with = P.id WHERE P.iq > 140 AND P.sex = 'F' AND R.with IS NULL;

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Aquaman - King of Atlantis, Summoner of the Seven Seas - rose from the depths with the broken and bloody corpse of Eric Merman in his arms. "Look me in the eye, Batman, and tell me

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Mary was drinking a soda when two Federal Agents arrested her in public! "Mary Anne Jones" said the blonde one "You're under arrest for the manufacturing and selling of

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Hiding behind a display case, Bob snuck a Listerine bottle into his jacket and walked out of the CVS. It was party time.

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