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Voiceover: “Are you one of the tens of tens who suffer from Phantom Mustache Syndrome?” Alex Trebek, listening, air-grabbed Wheat Thins crumbs from his upper lip. “PMS threatens

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And now is the time for the uncomfortable questions. Is retarded a bad word? Is hand-washing requisite after #1? Is it pandering for 'likes' if you 'like' a fold you don't like?

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"Our soup of the day is sour neck in a hyperglycemic broth. Any takers?" I grabbed my daughter and bolted. They should serve American food in Transylvania. Tourists deserve

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As I gardened, gazing towards the autumnal sky, I longed to run my finger through the trail of mucus left by a single speckled slug – innocuously thrusting past my rhododendrons –

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Walking down the street one day, I met a total stranger. I asked him 'what he wanted to be', and he said, "Stranger! Danger!"

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Niamh was sitting in a bookshop in Islington waiting for her son to choose something when she saw the celebrity, Newt Long slip a copy of 'Why Men Marry Bitches' under his jacket!

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Five out of ten women

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as the baby Murphy the elephant roamed through the plaines with his mother, he wondered when dad would come home. he was tired & hungry. why did dad have to leave during the move.

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Ralph's parents watched their 20 year old son play with building blocks. Earlier he explained he was making a castle. Ralph's parents thought their son was a loser.

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Some feelings are so strong that you cannot put them into words. One of my memories of this type of feeling was when me and my best friend, Lilly, were hanging out in

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