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A is for alligator. They are green, they like to live in Florida and sometimes they eat small dogs. If you rub their bellies, they get sleepy.

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"We need to get off this damn planet -- these people are crazy!" Cappy Dammit might have lacked some joined-up thinking, but he was a Megador of the BBQ. One day in the Drift,

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I tore into my stocking with gleeful abandon. Would there be cash, candy, trick new gadgets? Hmm, let's see: socks (meh), toothbrush (retch), nail file (pshh), fruit (gag), dishrag

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Let's talk about something important. Head light flashing. Think of all the things that come to mind when someone flashes their headlights at you & I mean the real deal, not a euph

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She was wearing blue cotton stockings. They stretched tight over her knees so I could see the skin beneath. When she crossed her legs, they made a slight scratching sound.

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I sat in my room staring down at my hands, soaked in deep crimson blood. I looked up again and then thought to myself, "What have I done?"

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"I'm afraid there's no room on your ship for the nature dome or yoga studio modules, Cap'n." The last of the crew's morale went up in smoke with that bombshell. Cap'n Ramírez vowed

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"Why do you love me?" "Because you're beautiful." "Anything else?" "No."

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He came over, gave her a full body massage and stretch, then brought her to full release. He brought her a sandwich and beer, took a shower, and left. She drank the beer, but took

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Kharma is after me!

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