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Like all previous New Year's resolutions, this one had gone to hell in a handbasket, five ways to Friday, quicker than

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This fold is the work of genius.

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"I don't care. I don't care. I wont care" she whispered throwing the first handful of dirt into the six foot hole int he ground. She closed her eyes in hopes that this was a dream,

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EveryThing was with SomeThing when NoThing bumped into AnyThing. SomeThing smelled awful, probably because NoThing was working to clean it up. NoThing ever worked right. AnyThing

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There are cities with voice and cities that are voiceless. I remember the red line he drew on the wall as he left his home. Or was it black? His mom was watching TV and hid dad was

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I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shot the,

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I walked into my flat & heard a commotion in my bathroom. It was Nicholas Cage singing 'Call Me Maybe'. I knocked on the door. "Excuse me, Mr Cage, I don't have an emergency on at

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Sixteen years ago I spoke before a jury of my peers and confessed to them the nature of my dreadful crime. Some laughed, others reeled in disgust, while other still fainted. But

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It was 4th and two. 29 seconds to go. I knew they'd be crowding the line of scrimmage, almost assuredly blitzing. I screamed out an audible and looked at Jerry. He nodded. I gunned

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Sing through a vacuum cleaner hose and play back backwards in a steel drum while passing steam through a radiator. Mix with bridge cable vibrations and whale flatulation sped up

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