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This is a test.

Finished: 2/17/18 @ 13:05
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"Pipes, pipes, pipes" he wheezed, "you'd think that, as a plumber, I'd be pretty damned sick of the things by now. And, you know what?" He paused to spit, noisily, onto the tarmac,

Finished: 2/17/18 @ 09:30
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Most of my nights are restless. Jarvis is dead!?! How is that possible? Worse yet, how does Detective Marcus think I had anything to do with it. Murder? Me?

Finished: 2/17/18 @ 02:44
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(was thinking of starting a dd/lg based book, would anyone be interested in helping?)

Finished: 2/16/18 @ 16:34
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Reading Dune in the back a Disel station wagon driving through Kansas on a Summer road trip to visit my Grandmother in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am one with this book.

Finished: 2/16/18 @ 02:09
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The best that we can gather is that today is the 23rd day since it happened. We probably should have started this on that first day but we didn't. There are only 31 of us left now.

Finished: 2/16/18 @ 01:50
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George Lucas had re released Star Wars for 870th time.

Finished: 2/15/18 @ 00:15
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I sighed as I cracked my knuckles. I had been up all night writing my Judge Judy fan fiction. I was sure it was gonna be a big hit. The only thing left was to post it,

Finished: 2/14/18 @ 19:52
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After the embezzlement charges and the foreclosure I went underground. I'd been living in the subway for 5 years and thought I'd seen everything, but the glowing eyes and chewing

Finished: 2/14/18 @ 19:26
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A wastebasket for the upstairs, a garbage bin for the garage, and a hamper just to have around. There! I have completed my bucket list.

Finished: 2/14/18 @ 19:20