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Wanted:Test subject for scientific study on pain. Subject agrees to be stung by bee 5 times per day on different body parts including, lip, nostril, armpit, penis & testicle. Renum

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"Fractals et my dingo," Gareth said bitterly as his Romanesque apartment building started to look like a congress of trilobites. "Wasn't me, bro," said his friend Corwin with conce

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Dear Editor: I believe I have an improvement. Can I have a do-over? Dear Sir: This isn't a game of stickball. We just spent $600,000 to publish your Complete Guide to

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My mother had always warned me about this. Its not like I didn't believe her--its just that I didn't think it would ever happen to me. I never thought it could happen to me. But

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Vlastomil Ruparkhin came back into focus. "Thought you had left the room!" Greta Merton quipped. "Oh, I'm still out there, but maybe I should don some pagan carp for their sake."

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He was jobless and he hadn't eaten for two days. He found this shiny coin on the road but he decided not to use it and to keep it instead, for good luck. He went back home and

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Careful and quiet as she sends the pencil down the page in short strokes, she chews on her lower lip, soft and pink and scarred from childhood. Even so, her lips are perfect.

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I woke up hungry. Hungry for justice. Hungry for change. I blindly put on a shirt, opened the creaky fold-away door, and grabbed a bag of Bugles. Revolution was at my doorstep

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The aged willow tree looked out at the pond she eternally stood besides, pondering the point of her existence. It was at this time she noticed the light in front of her glowing

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Why do I buy such trash? I have a hedgehog brush, a metal toothbrush, a rubber nail file, a pair of plastic gloves, cardboard socks and a paper shirt. Yesterday I bought a

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