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It was great to work for Timedocs. We went back to record, for instance, a day in the life of Tu Fu or Annensky, and the reactions their works produced. That was cool but we still

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I woke up today and stepped out side for my daily run only to find that the street that I live on had disappeared completely, just a single stone remained.

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"Love and happiness do not arrive early, or late. They arrive precisely when they mean to." The great wizard proclaimed

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Lou Bergs had traveled all the way through time to mow my lawn. He swore that my single mom's grilled chicken breast was worth the trouble, though I suspected darker motives. Penet

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All we need is love,datadadada..."Yeah,right!"he said through his teeth.Naive song lyrics made Ed sick!Gimme some Ramones,for fuck sake...

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We all knew Santa was a zombie when he started to crave brains. "Oh God, its Christmas Eve! If we don't stop him he'll bite all the children and their dogs!" Call the Snowman!

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Towards the rotating knives

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HabĂ­a una vez un chico que se llamaba Andrey y que no llevaba nada de ropa.

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So the disco ball was moved to another desk, & the rubberducks were hidden.The last thing the OfficeUnicorn had to do is plant one more boobytrap for her coworkers. Heehee, booby.

Finished: 2/24/15 @ 16:38
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The crowded cheered and he basked in the glow of success. When they started chanting "speech speech" his handlers tried moving him off the balcony, but it was too late: "My fellow

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