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This story I am about to tell you is not funny, so don't laugh when you read it. No matter how bizarre or unrealistic the details may seem, I assure you it is absolutely true.

Finished: 9/25/16 @ 15:21
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"Your tragic fate is looking so cold." Resonated with her everytime she went to a graveyard or a battle ground, and I have another song in my head that goes with this.

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"Bienvenue à la maison de passe" said the smokin' hot French woman with noticeably large tits.

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It started in a small town in Wisconsin- the dread Samsa virus, named after patient zero, a dairy farmer who woke one morning to find he was a

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My kitty, Ted, is the biggest badass cat in the world. He weighs 21 pounds and wakes me up each morning by sitting on my face each morning until I can't breathe.

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"I don't see where...oh, here it is." Dr. Crane paused.The doctor looked again at the chart, then at the stitches across Ralph's scalp, then at Nurse Nancy. "Are you sure?"

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I ordered a lobster soufflé. It was the Pompidou Center of soufflé's, served with a lobster cracker. Such a carapacious soufflé. Francois would receive a bad food review I decided

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The French have no idea of how to design anything practical. The hydraulic suspension on my Citroën was leaking again but I loved the car. I called it the Hatchback of Notre Dame

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They set off at once to find Semolina Pilchard, but were interrupted in Galveston when, stopping for gas, they were accosted by a man selling squirrel ambergris and subsequently

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She goes crazy for Gomez's hamburger.

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