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Say my name

Finished: 1/18/17 @ 07:46
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Emily Post got arrested today.

Finished: 1/17/17 @ 23:55
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When 2+2 did not equal 4, I knew Dooper was back in town. When the cat fell and broke it's back I knew Dooper was in the house. When my toast landed butter side down I knew Dooper

Finished: 1/17/17 @ 23:50
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The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.

Finished: 1/17/17 @ 16:19
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He crept down into the feared basement. He felt something... Or was it his imagination? What was that!? Shivers went down his spine as he turned and saw the most frightening thing:

Finished: 1/17/17 @ 12:07
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Jumpin' Jehosaphat clanked down the hall at midnight. J.J. was a cat with a cast in a house that was all halls. He loved this mischievousness, frightening the kids into thinking

Finished: 1/16/17 @ 18:00
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Buzzy would never be accepted by the other bees in the hive. He found it a waste of time to fly from flower to flower everyday. Besides, he hated honey. No, he LOVED meat, even

Finished: 1/15/17 @ 16:59
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The leave blower walked into the gated community. He'd poured a jellied-gasoline into his blower. He lit his Pall-Mall and then held the lighter under the end of the "leaf blower"

Finished: 1/15/17 @ 16:28
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tim wants the d in his mouth all night long oh yeah give it to me

Finished: 1/14/17 @ 23:46
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Please please please don't mention New Zealand in the following story.

Finished: 1/14/17 @ 15:26