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When transmat became cheap and reliable he couch-surfed around the globe. But even with friends he often stayed in a corner, bandages still on his head. One evening, though, he

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The girl rested her head on my lap. I could feel her warmth tickle me as I stroked her hair. Everything was perfect. The way she was, the way we were. Though things were not the

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She wore a skirt so I knew she was promiscuous. She was talking to me so the sexual tension was palpable. Like me, she was obviously thinking *When & where?* What she really

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What were all the possible uses of foldingstory folds? He'd certainly used it to create havoc or sharpen his skills.

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Her face shows sighs of confusion before her training takes and she says , I'm afraid we can't do that , sir . ' 'Why not ?' demands the Guy .

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For Mother's Day I got my wife an invigorating 3-minute internal vaginal massage followed by an all-expenses-paid solo sandwich making workshop right in out kitchen!

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The structure was lightyears long. At its center was the homeworld, Earth. Nanobots endlessly built new expansions to the structure. Lonely WALL-DO was one of the nanobots.

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Y cuando ya creia que habia tocado las estrellas con la punta de los dedos, se diĆ³ cuenta de que estaba boca a bajo.

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I gasped for air as the water ran down my face, rivulets cutting paths down my skin. I had fazed out again, and now I had nearly drowned in the bath. This was all because of that

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Answer me this: Is there anything creepier than a monkey wearing a diaper? Maybe

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