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The impact of the bicycle as it collided with the policeman was audible. The rider had

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"Scrape some from the bottom for me. Get some of the peas" I rasped, surreptitiously sliding a cigarette into Cookies pocket. He scowled, glanced at

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I had lips like Jagger, but I didn't have

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He climbed down the stairs. He felt sick. He couldn't realise what he had just done. He wasn't afraid, really, he was just sick. He felt like he had eaten a whole bowl of raw frogs

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I was going to a fifa soccer match, when i got there i saw many people running out of the soccer match club, when i look closely, i saw a a group of witches throwing pumpkin bomb

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Varla Du Gong lay seductively in a puddle of seawater upon the baby grand. Detective Manatee flicked the smoldering butt of his cigarette into the ashtray, adjusted his fedora,

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Quebec, November, Year of the Whisper-Quiet Maytag Dishmaster. I am thinking constantly about mice. Where do they live at night? Where do they come from that they invade my kitchen

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breaking into the owner's house and call for the police. The door is opened and the robber ran as fast as he can.

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In Tonight's News, We explore the vast loss of life when the all The Members of the Gangnam Shake Flash Mob simultaneously combusted from awesomeness. In related news, Psy

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You are a D.A.P., a Depressed Anxiety Person.

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