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as a rooster in the turreted tower of the bouncy castle. He cockadoodle-dooed militantly. I heard clucking behind the great mound of chicken sh!t. It toppled towards us ominously

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One day pepe went for a walk. He came across a large stadium. he went to check what was inside. a csgo tournament. he said "oh my gosh i love csgo".

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Every Tuesday, after I watch reruns of "Keeping Up With The Wests," I get a lesson in plagiarism-sorry-sampling from Johann Sebastian Kanye. Kanye says I got no rhythm-what does

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...a combination shredder alarm clock. Just place place a high-denomination currency in the top and set the alarm. If one doesn't awake, the blades will

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At the changing of the pants ceremony a crowd of tourists gathered. Everyday Vernon would change his pants at exactly 9.23 pm. The best spot for viewing the changing of the pants

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Wow. I really did it. I actually established the most gargantuan Petsmart to have ever been graced upon this fine universe. Dogs will bow in the presence of my withstanding power.

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Terrence looked pale and emaciated as habitu├ęs of the VR do. He seemed to pity me for not joining in, but I made enough to keep myself and my cat housed, fed and healthy. My bike w

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Not until she had arrived, did I realize I was wrong

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Dude, you are so gullible.

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Once upon a time there were three evil witches - the witch of the North, the witch of the South and the witch of the East.

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