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I was following the directions, but something wasn't right. I turned the car left down a bumpy dirt road and rolled slowly passed a half eaten animal carcass the size of a boulder.

Finished: 5/29/15 @ 08:28
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Crunchy things are bad for your health. It causes teeth stress and digestion agitation. Which is why I use the Mushkins diet.

Finished: 5/27/15 @ 18:22
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Hooked up to Google's mandatory rape machines, we pass our rape with illegal surrealist films, such as "Homeward Bound". What were dogs? What is a cat? Strange green monuments jut

Finished: 5/27/15 @ 15:08
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An invisible hand tapped my shoulder. "If you're feeling down, buy stuff," it spake. Come to think of it, my wad of numbered paper was way less gratifying than a burrito. The Hand

Finished: 5/27/15 @ 15:05
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My mom was the only one who liked and commented on my photo. "That's my beautiful boy!XOXO", her comment said.

Finished: 5/27/15 @ 01:04
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"That's okay," I told her as she struggled to fix the painting, attempting to make it look more presentable, I assumed. "It's better than anything I could do." Another lie.

Finished: 5/27/15 @ 00:31
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An alliteratively-named celebrity was having violent sex one day after consuming mass quantities of food and drugs. Many animals

Finished: 5/27/15 @ 00:04
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"Do no mistake inaction for laziness or misjudge a choice for peace as weakness." The student replied, "I'm not gonna lie, I feel very vulnerable after a nap."

Finished: 5/26/15 @ 20:34
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I bet you're the type of person who skips to the end of a book to see how things turn out.

Finished: 5/26/15 @ 20:21
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The search of the prince's room yielded grim clues to his disappearance; a cracked jewel encrusted cod piece, an empty coin purse and a small puddle of indigo colored blood.

Finished: 5/26/15 @ 20:16