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It was a good day for Sarah JP Dark when she found the stash of estrogen. She took one of the syringes and pushed it in her thigh. She could almost feel them growing in her

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"I think I picked up Albus Dumbledore at the bar last night" exclaimed Frank out of the blue. "He showed me some pretty naughty wand tricks and kept refilling my drinks for free."

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Caramello was a cool kind of koala and all of his friends agreed. He went with the flow. Caramello was considering starting his own hip hop band. He asked his friend

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When I arrived home, the door was opened. I thought about my cats and if they were safe. Suddenly, I heard a noise and people stepping down the stairs very quickly. I didn't unders

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Henry Feline had an odd name. I'll mention that, because if I don't, it will be the Elephant in the room. Everyone else was playing with a tennis racket and Henry had a salmon.

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Don't look back, don't ever look back. I swallowed hard, running as fast as my feeble legs would let me in the freshly fallen snow as I practically hyperventilated. Man, I really

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The highest of honours have endowed me today. A writer named Ambika, of whom had higher stature than me, decided to follow my path in the Quest of the FoldingStory. My joy was

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There was nothing special about her story. She had a father who she thought might come and visit her one day but he didn't. She wondered where her father was. Maybe he'd got lost.

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He pointed at the picture."This is Nemo.He's a fish.You are going to find him."Fifty heavily armed grunts in bathing suits starred at the admiral."NOW!",he shouted.They shot up

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Ric a tic tic, tic a tic tic tic, ricca tic tic ticca ticca tic.

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