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Crap. She's standing directly under the mistletoe. Crap. She saw me see her standing under the mistletoe. Crap. She just winked at me over her shoulder. Crap. Where's the

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The Squid children rolled on the floor laughing. "That's the dumbest story you ever told! You're teasing us!" Giant Old Squid Man's eyes twinkled again."OK, let me tell you another

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I took a bus for Seoul on Friday.

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Smoke my Gouda!

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Sometimes, as you go along in life, you come to a time when you realise that all you have achieved, all that seems to matter so much, is but a speck of dust in the immensity of

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"OH YEEEEESSSS!" said the portly Comic Con fan, as he approached a hairy Princess Leah look-alike. "I've got them moob's like Jabba... you wanna touch my belly?"

Finished: 1/24/15 @ 19:32
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Then Clarence Darrow let his suspenders crack against his chest. Like a slap against the whole courtroom. Mopped his head and screamed,"What the HELL is a "Money-Money?" I ask you

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A bat can do enough friendly good however I just k

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Once upon a time, there was no time. It came later, but it was late. Time marches on and waits for no man; however, for a woman, time stands still until she is ready.

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The hibernation genie started the backwards lullaby. Commander Antpi relaxed. There was a long journey ahead of him through the Isolar Solar Tunnel and he needed

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