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I had the nightmare again last night. Always the same. Having added to all existing stories, all I could do was create more. I needed to get to a FA meeting badly.

Finished: 7/23/14 @ 14:58
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"Ahh, nothing like a breath of fresh water to calm the nerves," said Dean Charles, who had ditched his smoke-filled lungs for carp gills. He looked dashing in his salmon suit

Finished: 7/23/14 @ 14:56
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Q: Where do you put your cat's dead chipmunk? (a) garbage, (b) neighbor's yard, (c) neighbor's mail slot.

Finished: 7/23/14 @ 14:51
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The Lobster Wolf bared its fangs and waved its claws threateningly in the air. Liam Neeson, back up against a tree, stared it down, armed only with a KFC spork and a copy of

Finished: 7/22/14 @ 22:38
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Fred said hey Hello Mary says What are you doing today? Fred said. Not much where's bob? Said Mary. I don't know maybe at the park Fred said said. Ok thanks. That's alright Mary.

Finished: 7/22/14 @ 17:03
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"Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is a final boarding call for Mr Al Kyder travelling to the Cocos Islands with Small Seats Airlines for flight SSA83089 at gate no. 22

Finished: 7/22/14 @ 16:57
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“Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating a hemorrhoid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.” The Proctologist looked at his Medical Assistant, he raised his laytex-gloved hand

Finished: 7/22/14 @ 16:55
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The dictator gathered the propagandists-to-be for his instructions. "Instead of a resume, design a poster that proclaims your superiority over the other candidates. Only one of you

Finished: 7/22/14 @ 16:53
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Following the Popular Electronics article Ron pimped up the photon density on his laser pointer. Unbeknownst to Ron, his "Laser Pointer of the Gods" blinded Xorg's third eye

Finished: 7/22/14 @ 13:47
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We got up so early that even mirrors are not working. We take a shower and revived. It was not so very cold. Smell the air was good. We were alone on the Grand Canal.

Finished: 7/20/14 @ 21:40