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At the tender age of one hour, Squidling #17 was arrested and sent to prison for forty-three minutes for petty larceny. He came out a hardened squid.

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“Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college, where you figure out two plus two is 10, or something.”

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Hippos stormed the castle.

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El pendejo corrió por el pueblo gritando: "¡El lobo ha robado las ovejas" por última vez!" Lo metieron en la estacada. Todo el mundo sabía que el pueblo no tenía ovejas.

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And the fourth little pig lived in a prefab bungalow in the Poconos with central heating and indoor plumbing. The Big Bad Wolf arrived at the Open House. "Little Pig, Little Pig

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Gladys was 85 when Miss Dinnerman, a tortoise, arrived in the yard and are her bouguets like they were deliveries from Pizza Hut. "It is so cuthe to watch Miss Dinnerman as she

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"Opportunity, adventure, endless possibilities!" exclaimed Jacob the blue rabbit to

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This is a dangerous country. It's known for killing the elderly on a large scale to reduce health-care cost. Old people wear bracelets with the text 'Don't kill me please', hoping

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One day while doing their tax returns, Betty Bounteous said, "Arbo the Starmage is your one true love, isn't he?" Hrengor the Beholder tried to explain. "Betty-B, Arbo is just a ch

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