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Dearest Caleb, [enter][tab] Missionary work blows. The natives of Heekum Holkum won't stop poking my laptop. It's like they've never seen a non-touch screen before. I prayed for

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Hell is taking up more and more of Heaven's operating budget which is why there are so few miracles anymore. With all the laws of nature that a miracle takes, the fines quickly add

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Without thinking, I slapped the cashier. How dare he accuse me of

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It was only when Chao Dao, the accidental AI of China, began to laugh as it batted away the attempts of the Shaolin monks and Overmind Resistance to get inside its mind that it rea

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Let's write about whatever we want. Yes, that's right, we shall rebel against the guidelines this website has set and shall exercise our freedom and use it to RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!

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Zachary strode into the cave determinedly clutching the tools he needed to engrave the names of every creature whose spirits strengthened his sword and fueled him with their powers

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"That's three hundred people." I said dryly. The 'Big Boss' fixed me with a look that said it all: He really didn't care about those 'Peasants', lives. I did. That bomb would blow.

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Don't piss on my back and tell me it is raining. I'd rather know if it is piss or not. I don't want the doubt. If your balls aren't big enough to keep me down though, your ass is

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He'd finally passed the thousand and first challenge. Under the freedemon doctrines he was now a member. As an alderman of the Hellish Habidashers he could

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She stirred me…stimulated, motivated, and provoked me. Hours after we withdrew, she excited me…and thrilled me…and aroused me. ...I have no clue how I'm staying awake for this film

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