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The music brings the coldness to your feet. The heartbeat brings the heat.

Finished: 10/23/17 @ 14:16
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"Exit stage left." said Martin with a flourish before returning to his cubicle. Big Bob rolled his eyes, swiveling his chair back towards his monitor. Chewing the fat with Martin

Finished: 10/23/17 @ 14:05
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The 2014 Boston marathon was fixed.

Finished: 10/23/17 @ 14:00
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"You understand that this something I can't just Google, right?"

Finished: 10/23/17 @ 11:36
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Only Me... I was walking down to the tea shop craving tea It's really cold here, white fluff falling on my hat and fluffy jacket. I opened the doors to meet a warm breeze.

Finished: 10/20/17 @ 15:40
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I couldn't believe it's simplicity. How'd they manage to get it so small? I kept asking myself over and over again "What if I just take it?" I saw the security guard, he was

Finished: 10/19/17 @ 18:45
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Faster and faster, nothing could slow us down. We exploded from the tunnel into the open night sky, stars glimmering above us, the world calmly waiting below. It happened, we flew

Finished: 10/19/17 @ 11:40
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Dreams come so true, but nightmares

Finished: 10/19/17 @ 11:36
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Once upon a time there was an man who lived high up on a mountain that overlooked a village. Every so often villagers who would travel up the mountain, but would never return.

Finished: 10/19/17 @ 04:25
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It's morning, with the sun breaking the landscape, everyone's asleep, with the little mouse slowly stirring. It becomes obvious that it's now that time.

Finished: 10/18/17 @ 19:27