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The following story is rated 'DaE' for 'Dark and Edgy'.

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 08:52
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yes on earth that amazing place just like hevean the place that i know am never reaching so why to bother and do good stuffs while i can be bad bad and have earth here on my side

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 08:42
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I looked over my shoulder to see where the noise, a deep throaty chuckle, came from. "Blurh," The chuckle came again. He was getting closer... Elmo. He was coming.

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 08:12
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I was going home, suddenly in front of me stood a vampire with sharp razor teeth. In vampire's eyes i could see laser shooting out towards me, i was rooted to the ground..

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 05:59
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The creatures in the deep blue sea are fascinating! There we can find sharks, whales and many more sea animals.

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 05:53
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The waiter was talking to me very fast in Catalan. I said something to him in what could have been Italian which is how I ended up with a bottle of alcohol free lager. The vagaries

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 05:47
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הסיפור שלנו מתחיל ביום סגרירי ואפל

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I was never sure whether the loud noise was part of my dream or for real, but just the same I jumped out of bed as fast as I could.

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 05:29
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I looked him straight in the eye. "Wally, it didn't have to be like this." I pulled out his mancard. "Mmmhmm. It shows right here that on May 22, 2004 you put cream in your coffee.

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So the undertaker was tired. So tired that he was going a bid flaky. He started feigning accents, even with his friends. M'lady need anythin?

Finished: 12/5/16 @ 05:15