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How could I have forgotten that hotel room full of smoke? Lana'd gotten a bag of loose cigarettes and over the two weeks, the room took on hazy strata. I'd count the layers and

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I'll tell you a secret story if you promise you won't tell anyone.

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One day in Costco, the shade of Constance Garnett broached the subject of Matthew Dostoevsky's choice of breakfast nourishment. "Uncle," she began, "there are oranges in aisle 14 a

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The young girl sat at the feet of the old man. "Tell me, sensei, the secrets of comedy." "You are too young now, my child. But when you are grown, mention of monkeys, pants and pie

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The hotline rang at 3 AM. "Hillary?" asked Obama. "Nyet!" "Vlasik?" "Good grief, Barack, it's me, Uncle Josef! Just calling to give you some more tips for populace control."

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"and this is the Shack. Purposely disguised as a storeroom, this holy place hosts the many forbidden midnight parties and events ," he said, throwing the door open with a flourish.

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Walking on the narrow water trench she felt her nape frying, a May day couldn't be hotter. It wasn't the most usual thing to be excited, uneasy and nauseous all at the same time.

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This was the worst downpour in decades, yet the gale and thunder could not silence the creaking sound of the rope tucking Spencer's throat. The gang leader had finally been hanged.

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She rose from the sand and walked towards the Atlantic Ocean while the man with olive skin watched her.Her rosy skin and his dark hue created a beatiful contrast.She looked back at

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All our fathers were evil men. Our mothers tell us so in bouts of insurmountable, tear-filled rage. Usually I freeze when I hear the clattering of dishes, but it makes me listen.

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