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The wily Baker in New Endow hit upon a clever scheme to increase his wealth. For certain Ladies-in-Waiting he kneaded a special dough sprinkled with dill. It rose to stately size

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The bear slowly unzipped the tent and peered inside. A wide-eyed couple peered back. He cleared his throat and asked, "Do you have any honey lozenges? Sore throat." The commercial

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Nosy Mangabe is wet. No surprise there. It's a rain forest. We tramp through the streaming rain to the dilapidated shack and roll out or mats. Just one Aye-aye pair left somewhere

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It takes a great deal of endurance to be employed by a Boss Monster. To be a receptionist taking calls and arranging appointments for heroes to take a crack at him.

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"Thats just flabulous Marty. Just say no to the adipose complex! Who's ready to show their love cushions?" Everyone looked for someone else to volunteer. Big Bob sagged in his seat

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She's a brick, and ever so slowly, she drowns me.

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Sir Anthony Wedgewood Hotpocket leant against his marble mantel & poked at the fire vigorously. Lady Alphonsa Devere Buckle had just left her calling card which could mean only 1 t

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On the part where it asked "How much of your day do you spend looking for components to tie into stories on A) 90% B) 95% C) 99% D) 100%" I'd put:

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He went down to the 7-11 and decided that he was going to stand right outside the front door and sell the stolen cigarettes 1$ cheaper than

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Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree.

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