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The Percussionist kept cold beer in his kettledrums. A 3rd row violinist slept her way to first violin. When he caught himself saying "good enough for the Nutcracker" he threw his

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"Om... elet." And with that, Buddha officially sold out. "Enlightenment has showed me the Way... to Denny's." The commercial aired during an episode of

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My name is Death. I have watched the sun die a million times and know that I will always be alone. Thus humanity sleeps soundly, unaware of my suffering. Who weeps for death?

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What idiot architect decided to add a curling arena to penthouse garden was anyone's guess. But after a few drinks, a stone would fall hurtling the 30 stories to a bimmer below.

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A goat-man ordered pizza and wanted double pepperoni with onions. "Can I make a special request for a fedora hat?", he said. The chief cook said he would put the hat on the box.

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That really pissed him off, with moves like a cat, George Foreman jumped to his feet, grabbed the closest Swiffer Duster and proceeded to

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I laughed maniacally. He had no idea that he was dealing with a keyboard warrior. Swiftly, I corrected his spelling and grammar, and proceeded to laugh at his poor excuse of a cuss

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Doctor Joe discovered a new element with atomic number 753. It was somehow stable and non-radioactive. It also had.incredible properties which enabled

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Ustali smo tako rano da ni ogledala još nisu radila. Istuširali smo se i oživeli. Nije bilo tolikooo strašno hladno. Miris vazduha je bio dobar. Bili smo sami na Velikom kanalu.

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"Lend me your arms, fast as thunderbolts, for a pillow on my journey." As Hendrick lay his pen down, he imagined the possibility of his haiku poem becoming reality.

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