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It was a dark, cold sunday night. Kelly was walking home from a party at a friends house. She looked across the street at the old abandoned warehouse. Something passed by the

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I opened the door to see an abnormal looking person staring back at me.His eyes looked dark and tired. It was 1am.What was he, what did he want? He started to open his mouth and

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So I wanted fight crime of course, but since the spinnerets grew in a more accurate location than on my hands, I didn't dare - no one wants to be rescued by someone who shoots webs

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The cats were swarming around me and I fearfully looked towards the door. How could they have known my weakness? Only one thing stood between me and my salvation: the cats.

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I once made it all the way Main Boss of the Internet.

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"Who, me? I'm the guy that runs this joint. I tell ya. Tenants always complaining. During the Ice Age, they asked me to turn up the heat. Now its 'global warming.' What gives?"

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The beach... the place where the land meets the sea, and the place where I take my morning walks. That is where 'they' first appeared.

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She lived upstairs. In the apartment that the doctor had died in. He was a shut in. Smoked, fed his cats, and died in bed. The owners never told her that Dr. Gibbs

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"But I dare say my fellow, it was 7-11 pizza wasn't it? A sort of Carb-laden greasy circular slab of adipose generating pie, made by non-Italians and a heat lamp. Right old chap?"

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"Why isn't anyone adding to my briliantl fold? It's just rolling off the front page & everyone's ignoring it!". It really chapped his ass. Busted his spleen. Made his blood boil.

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