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In a world...

Finished: 7/25/16 @ 22:10
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Dmitry slumped in a jail cell with no cat litter reckoned he was down to his last life & recalled how he started his life of petty crime smuggling weed to convicts in his cat colla

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She untangled her hair and found a hunk of doodie in it.

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Brad opened his store for monkey fetishists in the back of his 7-11, but quickly his inventory became about forty percent Davy Jones memorabilia. It became difficult to hide

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So they ran Hamlet again at the school. Joey hated Hamlet. What a little weird turd Hamlet was. The English teacher said this was literature, but Joey knew it wasn't. When

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The wires in the wall sparked, igniting the leaking gas pipes nearby. The fire travelled through the gas pipes within seconds, spreading through most of the house, exsploding along

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It was a miracle. Ninja Pope, scooped from the volcano by God's own hand, awoke, alive & smoldering on the slope of Devil's Mountain. Flying nuns circled over him in the red sky.

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'Twas no more than a handful of beans off the pre-agreed upon cargo, but Balthazar was not a man to be hoodwinked in any capacity. Glen's blood was pooling outwards from where he

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Doug'ys Dad done died doin' Doris Dilkins during Demsicola's Derby Days.

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What of the toad?

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