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There's nothing on the telly except crying Scots.

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"It is dead now," Adam assured me, one of his hands resting heavily on my shoulder. I wasn't so sure. "Are... are you positive?" I couldn't make myself look away from the

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Look at that British girl who lived off of chicken nuggets for almost eighteen years, ” Wenkel continued. “The fact that her body was able to utilize the meager nutritional value o

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The literary whale typed the last sentence, dove straight into the currents and swam amongst a bunch of severed arms wearing mitts. A singlet floated by and then an enhanced

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"Yo." I waved my hand in front of the girl's face. No response. Great. Here I was, stranded in the middle of nowhere, with only a pencil in my pocket and a comatose girl.

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Seth pressed through dense undergrowth until he reached a faint, crooked path, the kind made by animals. Nearby stood a squat, gnarled tree with thorny leaves and black bark. Seth

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...This is your brain on drugs... now with a slice of bacon and some hash browns. Don't forget the orange juice. The Big Drug Slammers Special... available at Denny's.

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Al llarg del carrer s'amunteguen els cadàvers, íntegres o en trossos. Paren les ambulàncies. Corre, crida la gent. Estem a cent cinquanta quilòmetres del front; és la rereguarda.

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Joe RavenCrow cast the circle and tuned his field. "O Mighty Kool Aid Man, hear my call! Please help me with my drinking problem. I ask this in your name. Oh Yeah!" The wind stirre

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I just happened to remark in the weekly sales meeting that we all needed to get our ducks on the same page. I was arrested next morning by the Grammar Police for Metaphor Abuse &

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