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It is 1976. A young Australian hobo walks the streets of London, England at 11:45pm. It is a clear sky, but the hobo's eyesight is so bad that he cannot even see the stars.

Finished: 10/20/14 @ 23:10
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He wore dreds and multi-colored shirts. He looked carribean but was only from Southern California. He was almost famous as a bass player in a funk band, but that all fell apart

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THE CHEESE OF DOOM PART 1 The cheese of doom. It never sleeps. It just watches you from the fridge. Wanting to be eaten. It's the cheese of doom.

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It was a mid-summer night's dream. The flowers wore a burnt rim around their lush, vibrant petals, and foam from the nearby chemical plant washed against the river side.

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"G'bye, boy." Johnny knelt down & brushed away a tear as the hamburger whined. "Go! I can't keep you anymore." The burger dejectedly scampered away, tomato slices and lettuce bits

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Ever get that funny deja vu feeling?

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This is the greatest love story ever told. It began when he'd become intrigued by the quirky way

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"I'm not ashamed to date bivalves - whatever my parents might think!" Daniel said to himself as he dined opposite his latest squeeze: a coquettish little clam who fluttered her

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"What Ug thinking? Sabertooth too much! Me no wanna see Cave painting museum anyhow." "Zorg gonna miss special exhibit on Fertility Goddess then - too bad." Zorgs monobrow furrowed

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The movie was rated PG-45. He was refused entry. Why would adults need parental guidance? Was there a secret kept from adults like sex is from kids? His mom agreed to go with him.

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