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"On tonight's news, the commissioner of baseball declares war, terror lurks in every shadow, and SHARKS." Crap, I forget to recycle just once, then the world goes haywire. I had to

Finished: 12/19/14 @ 23:13
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Obama and Cameron woke in a strange but cheery bungalow. "Good morning, good morning, good morning!" Putin was also there and turned out to be an excellent breakfast chef. Village

Finished: 12/19/14 @ 22:52
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there 2as once a castle upon a hill, the lived there because his mother had some kill. He followed god and smoked weed everyday, but this king had a secret...he was a fucking gay.

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I layed wide awake in my bed, still as the air. All i could hear was my heavy breath moving in and out of my lungs, i stared out the window frightened of what might be downstairs

Finished: 12/19/14 @ 13:59
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I liked to live my life according to a few simple tenets. Hakuna matata, always look on the bright side, etc. So upon contracting alien hand syndrome I thought it'd be great for

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I always was good at games. They were fun, but above all, they had goals which could be seen at a press of a button. Unlike so-called "life", which, apparently,

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In the beginning, there were 1,800 potential characters. Then just like that, there were 1,620.

Finished: 12/15/14 @ 10:54
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I had just a few cartridges left: 2 essential amino acids, 2 carbs, and a couple of fats. I hadn't paid for flavor emulation this month so my printer was serving some bland dishes.

Finished: 12/14/14 @ 20:55
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I left the school building and got on the bus. As soon as we left the premises, I realized

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Annual surveys to determine presence/absence and quantify reproductive success of southern reticulated warthogs will commence tomorrow morning at 0600. I expect that you will

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