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"You know what torques me? That you can't unlike. I mean, say some damned folder gets on your s-list, and you want to unlike every contribution of theirs you've liked? What then?"

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Each anniversary, The Kraken would light a candle for Father Merin at St. Mary's By The Sea. It was Merin who had alerted The Kraken to the Invisible Ocean and its predators. But E

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Verity Hawkins was unstoppable that morning. "Good morning, Ms. Potts. I'm here to see the boss. Mr. Stark, do you know what it's like to live paycheck-to-paycheck?" Stark didn't

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I sat, absentmindedly stirring my cereal with my spoon. Ripples moved across the surface of the milk, I stopped stirring and it kept rippling. The table was shaking, they were here

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All-you-can-eat-shrimp. Fresh cat fish trout perch grouper Todays special - buffalo eel. We know fish. Honest scales. Welcome! Grady looked at the Fishwife. She looked at him.

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Criminee, Mama's at the sewing machine again. She's gonna make me wear whatever she's making. From the looks of it, I'll soon be sporting some camouflage footie pajamas. The one

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Meet me at 3pm in War, Plague and Fire.

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The clock struck midnight like oh so many tried and true fiction books. The protagonist pondered while the antagonist schemed. And then something happened leaving the reader hooked

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If I found a dog

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Jedi Hand waited hat in hand for the door to open. A hat selected for its texture, in the hope that Lurch would like it when JH visited the Addams residence for a play-date with

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