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Once there is a snake there lives in a jungle for more than hundred years. Many people didn't dare to go near it. The people wanted to kill the snake

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"Welcome, Baltimore Zooians, to your first Animal Etiquette class. I am Mr. Johnson, the..." *BURRRP* "...cover your mouth with your forelimb when burping, Mr. Walrus. Our first

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A folder is someone on whom nothing is lost.

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SHUG! Give me a hug!!! Can I have a ride on your horsey?? Please, OH, please?? I admired Shug's Orb greatly.

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She laid down to fall asleep but that didn't stand a chance. She kept thinking about the day that passed and wanted nothing more than to dance. Her eyes lit up and she imagined the

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On a rainy Sunday afternoon with St. Pepper was playing in the background we ended the monopoly game when the bank was empty. Seth & I agreed I'd pay my iou's when I had a real job

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"Who's the guy who invented work? I oughta punch him in the butt." Our anti-hero slurred angrily as he tripped out of bed.

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It is 1976. A young Australian hobo walks the streets of London, England at 11:45pm. It is a clear sky, but the hobo's eyesight is so bad that he cannot even see the stars.

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He wore dreds and multi-colored shirts. He looked carribean but was only from Southern California. He was almost famous as a bass player in a funk band, but that all fell apart

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