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List three digital resources that would support student learning. Specify how each resource supports student learning.

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In my dream my brother John stole Zoltan's lighter.Zoltan knew but didn't let on & fixed him up with Pam. When they married Zoltan's wedding gift was a box of cursed chocolates.Pam

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His name was Hamoon, my story's hero. I don't remember that much. I suppose he lived in a jungle near the I understand. I understand all those dreams of drowning,

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She was talking to Ali & she thought she was OK about it but she felt her voice go & she knew she'd start crying if she carried on so she stopped.

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What stories now may we of nothing make?

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I was drifting into a deep sleep, a dream started. I dreamt of kissing one of the most popular girls in school. Moments later she told me she had loved me a long time.

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In an homage to a recently completed story I decided to start a fold by playing a random song on iTunes & basing my fold on the lyrics. Naturally the first thing that came up was

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It is always the coldest right before the sun breaks the bleak eastern horizon. The lights from SpaceDock 1 were still visible but would be invisible soon. I remember when...

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In the beginning, First Folder created the quill & the parchment. Now the parchment was wordless & empty, ten blank lines ruled the surface of the sheet & the Spirit of FirstFolder

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She looked around at the empty space around her and sobbed.

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