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Inside the porcelain palace the toilet whisperer was able to coax a change in the

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How to create a hoverboard: Attach 2 x GAU-8 Avenger's to a skateboard and fire gun into the ground to create lift and propulsion.

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Dear God, It's me, Steve Jobs. It has been 14 years since I faked my death and frankly,

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I knew it was a mistake once the box was delivered. I vaguely remembered ordering them. LIVE ANIMAL stickers were plastered all over the box, & the it was squeaking. Did I really

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The man in the bright green 80s strapless tube dress and torn fishnets winked a heavily made-up eye at me, then, twirling around the lamppost, stuck his ample behind sheathed in

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Eros, the impossibly beautiful and terrifying God, was sitting in the garden of Psyche's palace. Under his naked feet the path of opals, amethysts and pearls glistened in the sun.

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In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Frank had one eye! Only, he wasn't in the land of the blind.

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He was a radiant natural for quantum shamanistics, sans drugs, sans patches, sans nanites - but his inner music was too beneficial, so they put him down. He gasped, "The tide rises

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This is a tragic story of star-crossed lovers, faked suicides, pizza alle vongole, muffled screams and hearts shattered into tiny bits then trampled under the heel of fate. But tha

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'Dobrideen' he said. It meant 'hello' in Russian but I didn't speak any Russian. 'Hello?' I said, 'what did you say?' But you answered me' he said. 'You said 'hello' right back. 'w

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