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He fastened his bib securely and began to shovel food into his mouth. "I've eaten on many different planets" He garbled, roast brog falling from his lips. "But I've always wanted"

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'Dear Sandra' the Email began, 'I know what I said last in the back of the car about what I felt for you, but in truth it was all lies. What I meant to say was that I thought you

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Super pumped up today for Blue Ivy's 2nd birthday party. I wasn't officially invited, but that has never stopped me before from crashing a party. Just last week I crashed

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When I arrived home, the door was opened. I thought about my cats and if they were safe. Suddenly, I heard a noise and people stepping down the stairs very quickly. I didn't unders

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“No, I am your father.” said the black helmeted one at the target when his little boy Luke absent-mindedly held the hand of a stranger. "Remember stranger danger."

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Attention neighbors, the police have been notified of your toddlers parading unattended down the sidewalk in their motorized cars. Our homeowners association will not tolerate

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Late one night by candlelight, Jadie said "The children have outgrown us." Joe nuzzled her. "Not quite yet, but almost. I think Jake can levitate." Jadie said "Yeah, and Marie can

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I hadn't thought it them for years. Horned Toads. Then today I saw one in the back yard. first I though of one and then I saw one. Did the thought make it happen or pre-deja view.

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Every day for an hour, she stared at the crystal apple, willing it to move, melt, burn, shatter... anything. And every day it sat glimmering, mocking her... every day until today.

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Gilbert was a very large man but gentle in his stride

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