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He was gay, and she was ultimately stupid. This'd indeed happened many times before; with girls cuddling up to him in hopes of a new 'boo'. But Adam had no interest. He only wanted

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Then Mr grey ripped my clothes off and threw me on the bed.

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"The time has come," the Walrus said "to talk of many things. Of when you're going to pay the rent and why your checks keep bouncing."

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My latest project is to publish my 1000 Greatest Folds divided into categories w/ sub-categories. For example, under SAD will be the categories Aliens, Sex, Junk Food. Under HAPPY

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When the beginning of your story starts to sound like trash, you maybe know you're getting close. To what? Believe me, poverty makes us do things we never thought we might ever do.

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a fateful trip it was! I went down to Acapulco on the run. Old fat gut had the goods and then we ended up at Rose Marie's. She was all for fun, but didn't tolerate any brawls, well

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Medical conditions: Guinezythuphobia. Patty scratched his head. "Well Miss Blakeney if you can draw a beer, serve customers and smile like that, you've got the job. Just sign here.

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I stood still and frozen all night, after shooting my best friend. As the sun rose above the distant hills, the blood splattered among the blades of grass blended in with the sky.

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The Lazy Suzanne trundled more heavily than usual. A flour bag, a cookie tin & a bag of english muffins rolled by, but then as it slowed a small shriveled human head came into view

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I smartcar sized snot-like jellyfish spread itself across our path on the pebbly beach shore. I could see the digested remains of

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