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What I actually wrote on the note to my crush was "Meet you on Saturdsday". Little did I know that she would

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A duck walks into a bar with a rabbi and orders a Grasshopper. The bartender looks down at them and says, "Is this some sort of joke?" Just then, 6-foot tall pianist stumbled in.

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Captain's Log, supplemental. We have arrived in orbit around Foldinus Prime to settle a dispute between the creatures known as GreenBananas and buddyboy4711. Negotiations have

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as i was sleeping, i dream about soccer star named neymar which inspires me alot and also will i was dreaming , my brother bit my leg i shout and ........

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Raising your children peacefully is a threat to those who believe we must first do violence against others to ultimately do good. You are a domestic terrorist. You are undermining

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This is the last '80's themed party I go to. That anyone will ever go to. While I will dance to Love Shack Baby I also will keep the Purple Secret. Horsemen of destruction are

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"You wanna see who can scream the loudest?" said kid number one. "Sure!" said kid number two, and together they set about to ruin my eardrums, and my life.

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The realization almost cracked Dan Brown's head. There it was staring him in the face. The ultimate Catholic Conspiracy. "Popeyes" was really, "Pope Yes." Holy smokes!

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There was a deaf in the family, but no one said anything about it.

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