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I always had this feeling that something was wrong. Every time I visited my grandparents' home, I noticed how peculiar it was that grandma never cooked. It was as if she

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Dear User: We have completed an unauthorized computer scan of your hard drive(s) and past year's browser history. In addition to the usual pornography, online shopping, and gaming

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Which seat can I take? It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend! Tomorrow is Saturday And Sunday comes afterwards, I don't want this

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Do you ever read something you have written and wondered, "When did I write this?" and "Who is Susan?" and "What is the statute of limitations in this state?"

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My left leg is larger than my right leg, and the left side of my face protrudes about half an inch further than the right side, which seems to sag a little. I'm an asymmetrical

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The Mat hatter stared at the little mouse. 'March forth,' he thundered. 'No it isn't,' said Alice 'it's Jan 11th." "Who asked you to butt in?' said the mat hatter belligerently. I

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Hartwig dried his hair with a towel but didn't comb, put on some holey jeans & platform shoes. He was still a short german with a big American car & a deathwish. He stomped on the

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His mission was to make sure every pond, pool, river, lagoon, lake, and run-off contained at least one rusted broken-down shopping cart.

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Jeez, I can't shake the eerie feeling that you already asked me that question about deja vu before

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The local fire department has recently aquired a new truck. The siren makes the sound of wailing children, and the tires are made completely of jelly donuts. Recently,

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