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I don't have voice, I don't believe wasting my breath is beneficial. Why speak if no is going to listen?

Finished: 11/24/14 @ 05:52
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The man wore a wide brimmed hat, mask, stripped suite, cape & white gloves. The McDonald's employees thought it was a joke, but when he pulled a gun out of a bag & said "Robble,

Finished: 11/24/14 @ 05:46
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I couldn't believe what had just happened. My heart raced and my head pounded. Was I dreaming or could this actually be real?

Finished: 11/23/14 @ 22:40
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My hand hovered over the button. I didn't believe it was the decision my palm faced, but the coffee that left me shaky. "Don't do it--not to them," I heard her from behind me.

Finished: 11/23/14 @ 22:36
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When he reached for the last fry he heard a voice, "Please don't eat me." He looked in the bag. The last french fry was weeping and looked at him with such sorrowful eyes.

Finished: 11/23/14 @ 22:29
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There I was, standing all alone. I could not believe the world is ending right before my eyes. Everyone and everything was gone. All I can see is

Finished: 11/22/14 @ 21:05
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Monkeys don't wear shoes, how could I've been so stupid? The half-monkey sneered at me and took my cell phone. He sniffed it and decided it was useless. There goes my escape route.

Finished: 11/22/14 @ 16:46
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Violet. Looking at the flowers and naming her unborn child after them. She wanted the child name to mean something and now it did. Unknowingly her best friend had just chosen the

Finished: 11/22/14 @ 14:06
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His beanie said it all. The blonde "dreds" finished off whatever the beanie couldn't say. He worked at the "Genius Bar" in the local Apple Store which pretty much meant

Finished: 11/22/14 @ 09:28
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"She didn't!" "Oh, she really did!" "Come on, I'm serious. She didn't!" "I'm not fooling you, she really did." We went back and forth like this for about an hour. My confusion

Finished: 11/21/14 @ 22:41