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I wish that I was born a thousand years ago. I wish I'd sailed the darkened seas on a great big clipper ship going from this land here to that, in a sailor's suit and cap.

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"Las Palabras Completas" only contained 17 words, but it was Albucon's gift to the world. The selection, the sequence, the texture and scent of the paper, the impress of the type -

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The priest asked if anyone opposed the marriage, they should speak now or forever hold their peace. Then the priest himself cleared his throat and said, "actually, I oppose this

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Although he considered it to be a form of right livelihood, Snuffy the Inhaler felt he needed a break from being stuck into Greg's nostrils. So, after learning mesmerism from a

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My pants lay across the bed. It was morning and the light was shining slowly through the blinds. It was 7:30, time for me to get ready and go to work. But today I didn't want to.

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Once upon a time there was a little boy named Johnny. He was a prodigy, but his talent was unusual. Johnny could identify any item you placed in front of his face by its smell.

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DON'T PAY THE PIPER. It was the 23rd year after the 23rd month after the 23rd day after the 23rd hour that the infamous Pied Piper carried out his brutal murders with instruments.

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It was about half past three in the morning. I sat in a small diner watching cars drive by outside. I noticed one or two other people looking at me, no doubt enticed by my scars.

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Give a hand to our researcher, Bob Simons, author of the Bestselling book: "Worlds Beyond Our Own FoldingStory" and "Why Our Lives are Weird and Disconnected, and other Answers"

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