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The woman sporting a grey parka, the hood pulled snugly over her head, exposing only a pair of shades, walked into the bank, lingered and loitered long enough to make other bankers

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Jeff & Jane stood hand in hand, their toes hanging over the cliff. "Ready?" Jane nodded. "On the count of 3...One...two...three..." They fell together into the dark precipice.

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my name is antwan i am the best i like footbal

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Somewhere over the rainbow Kamakawiwo'ole played Over the Rainbow. Anyway, this land over the rainbow is currently shadowed by jungle, so the

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Ten years ago today, I went on a cruise to...

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Many hikers admire the beauty of the Lake Superior hiking trails, but few have the courage to trek the brambles of the Lake Inferior hiking trails.

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The bomb blew up and the mushroom cloud blew out.

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The old lady stared at the flames blazing in the hearth. The Prophecy would be fulfilled. Now it was only a matter of days. She had waited for this moment, had longed for it

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"How did I get here?" She asked herself as she took in the greenery around her. Above her was a sign: "You have one hour to get out of the maze. Don't touch the green walls."

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"Kill 'em! Kill 'em all!" The captain shouted over the booming of the cannons. "Show no mercy - you cowards didn't join the Galactic Fleet for nothin'!" He grips his laser gun and

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