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Love that ending, ValkyrieGirl! Welcome to the Fold!

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ValkyrieGrrl: Sorry I misspelled your handle in my previous comment. The type size on the web page is a bit small for my aging eyes. Again, welcome!

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Those poor students at the bottom of the stack =O

(writing as someone who used to drink two bottles of red a night)

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And teacher’s fave gets not a twinkly star but a big blush red circle…

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Actually, my students are hoping their papers are at the bottom. The longer I go, the easier (they say) I grade. I dunno. Twinkly stars would be better.

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Thank you TarotGuy for the warm welcome and compliments! I just stumbled on this site in my never ending search (it seems) to find a place where I can let loose my creative demons so to speak. And voila! I found FoldingStory. What a win for me and a great gnashing of teeth and renting of the garments for y’all! Oh well! I kid. Thank you for your welcome and I hope I don’t screw it up. ;-)

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All right! We scored 100 on this!

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