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The students gathered in front of the entrance of the Faculty of Arts on the campus of the Shaddadiya campus, and all sat to arrange an excellent flawless plot to postpone the lectures of this day. Muhammad made his first proposal, a hellish plan.

His plans were for students to be stationed at the college of arts

Unfortunately, most of the students did not attend because of their preoccupation with university exams, which forced him to postpone the seminar until after the exams in order to attend the students and make use of them as much as possible.

Here emerged the new student Astprq, and the idea in another hellish plan to get the students out of the university and postpone all tests and plan was to run the fire alarm and succeeded her plan and everyone came out

After that, Muhammad went up to the top of the building disguised as Batman, and repeated that there was no fire inside. He asked everyone not to worry and then he got angry.

Two dimensions

Ozgur Arslan considered this as well as where to place his tea glass on the table. “There are so many considerations these days,” he thought. “To move perfectly and conscientiously

So he decided to make herbal tea and go the gym because it’s leg day and he really needs the caffeine in his system

Then Muhammad came down from the building and said, “I am not pushing the button. I think this is a false alarm.”

and indeed the sheep did look mighty depressed. But Mohammed was kind to those with cloven feet, so he knitted the sheep a sweater and they watched the glad Rosh Hashanah sun set.

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