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I actually peed my pants a little on my way to the doctors office when I read Woab’s fold. Then I peed a little bit more because I read it again. That was the first time since 3rd grade that I laughed till I lost control of my bodily functions. I equal parts applaud you and curse you.

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*face palms* So that’s why my car seat smells bad.

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@WhatTheFox: But maybe its the ball-bombs? I’d have that checked by a doctor with gentle hands.
p.s. I snickered ‘til i had a coughing fit.

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Maybe we need to write the funky 1960’s screenplay for ‘Dr. Goodfeel and the Ball-Bombs’.

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Okay, I’ve started it here:

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I seconded it.

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Thank you, my dear Easter Island Head.

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