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How this started with a limerick, steered away, and ended up returning to a rhyme-fest is incredible.

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I seconded Noah’s assessment of incredible.

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actually, part of the credit goes to one Cody Jones who was the bass player in my high school jazz band (I was tenor sax.)  He referred to his groin as his “snack” and then one day, instead of practicing our instruments when our director Mel Hotchkiss was sick, we free-style rapped about “packing snacks,” etc.. As a result, when presented with a prompt ending in “pack” I reflexively go back to snack raps.

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I heard somewhere that doorhinge was the only word to rhyme with orange…sort of.

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I like that you didn’t take “sort of” for an answer.

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So stinkin’ awesome how this whole story turned out!

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