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Love your fold, LordVacuity (at time of writing).

Now I’m not sure if Hortense actually said, “And yet I’m here” or if it was “Yet here I am.”

Feeling somewhat Donna’s-sister at the moment.

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I have considered the different flavors and emphases and I will let that ride.

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The horny younger one or the other one that was only mentioned once, as being away at boarding school?

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Oh, you. Between “And yet I’m here” and “Yet here I am.”

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Do people still even remember the Beatles? I meant Donna’s younger sister the writer in Twin Peaks, weighing “full blossom of the evening” against some other phrasing.

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Oh, you must be of the opinion that because I can write, “I pooped today”, and “I’m serious”, that I know what the hell is going on around here. How did that sentence get between me and my attempt at communication with somebody who wasn’t a shadow or a cutout, stencil or other likeness of a person who might like to be the parson of a small Icelandic village in the Arctic Circle. Something the great Cornholio could appreciate while basking on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

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Well, it was some great fun once it got going, in any case.

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