1 49erFaithful's photo

Oh, baby. You’re so hot. I just want to plot your inner spaces.

Slim, you dirty dog!  ;)

2 Chaz's photo

Kama Sutra Origami

4 murielschipp's photo

Must admit: it’s an original pick-up line!!

5 SlimWhitman's photo

Try it on a physics babe ;-)

6 murielschipp's photo

Did u? Ouch!!!

7 49erFaithful's photo

Your eyes have a perfect wavelength of 563.4 nm.

That dress would look even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.8 m/s2.

Like the ideal vacuum, you’re the only thing in my universe.

8 m80's photo

hahaha!  49erFaithful, you should write a guide for picking up really smart chicks you can have interesting conversations with.

9 49erFaithful's photo

Oh, I’m just a shameless googler, copier, paster. If that’s the key to picking up chicks of any type then I’ve been hanging out in the wrong bars!

10 SlimWhitman's photo

That wouldn’t be the Bar “Magnet” would it? Opposite’s attract. Though most patrons swing both ways.

11 SlimWhitman's photo

@BuddyBoy: congrats on finishing off this gem of a story with the Featured Fold!

12 buddyboy4711's photo

Thanks, Slim! And I agree with your assessment of ‘gem’; several of the folds in this story were worthy of Featured Fold status. We definitely grasped the state of the flat mind on this one.

13 MoralEnd's photo

Congrats Buddyboy!

14 buddyboy4711's photo

Thanks, MoralEnd! Congrats on surpassing 4,000 likes! And to SlimWhitman, Chaz, and 49erFaithful, congrats on surpassing 2,000! It’s a good thing I’m not too competitive ;-)

15 murielschipp's photo

Great coproduction everyone! And congrats to Buddyboy. Though I must admit I also really liked Slim’s geodesical contribution ;)

16 sundancer's photo

Leave it to Chaz to turn a so-so fold into an epic story!!

17 SlimWhitman's photo

@muriƫlschipper: Thanks for the compliment - I liked it too. But I much prefer being part of a really good story as opposed to having the one shining fold in a lackluster story. The best place for a good fold is among the fold of other good folds. ;-)

19 SlimWhitman's photo

... and now it has a postlude
or is that a qualude?

20 49erFaithful's photo

BTW, I’m sure most people have met a real Flat Stanley, but just in case anyone didn’t know, he’s a real thing, even beyond the reality of the FS Universe.

21 mariafarias's photo

The plane that could lead to her old life, where paper friends did not exist, she thought many times about making a paper airplane to return to the volumetric life…

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