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Son of Amber, do not despair! Your smartphone is empwerd!

2 BlastedHeath's photo

Thank goodness for magic potato bugs!

3 Gibber's photo

The potato bug, AKA Jerusalem cricket, is a huge insect that moves in a repulsively sluggish manner. In real life they are not known to have magical properties.

4 BlastedHeath's photo

It comes as no surprise to me that potato bugs have no magical properties in this distant and disturbing shadow of the world I call my home.

Except for the ones with jewelled wings ...

5 lucielucie's photo

Everything about the potato bug came as a surprise to me. I didn’t realise it was so huge and morose. I’d imagined it was some kind of beetle about the size & shape of my thumbnail.

6 Gibber's photo

You learn something new everyday on Foldingstory.

7 lucielucie's photo

... about squid mainly.

8 Gibber's photo

Squid fact for the day:

“Penis elongation has been observed in the greater hooked squid; when erect, the penis may be as long as the mantle, head and arms combined. As such, deep water squid like M. ingens have the greatest known penis length relative to body size of all mobile animals”

Animals with larger penises are immobile!

9 lucielucie's photo

Speechless :o

10 pinky's photo

Sqeeeek! I see what you mean about learning something new here every day, Gibber. Now if I could just scrub my minds eyeballs…

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