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m80 was right, it was two years before this story was published. Happy belated 4 year FS anniversary, PurpleProf!

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OMG! It two years to celebrate two years! Talk about a late party. Oh well, where do you want the balloons? “Billy get out of the cake! Of course it tastes like mold.” Happy belated anniversary PP!

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I don’t know how dandy it would be if it is always lying. Seems like that would be self-contradicting: Dandy Lying Whine.

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Oh the humanity Futique. Such punny humor.

5 PurpleProf's photo

My gift is…all of you! Thank you for keeping me smiling for going on five years!

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Happy Belated!

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Clapping, hopping on one paw…Happy…uh…knarf! Happy Anniversary! I knew this would be worthy of resurrection!

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