What is FoldingStory™?
FoldingStory™ is a game in which players write one line of a story, fold the paper, and pass it to the next person. Write. Fold. Pass.™ It’s as simple as that.

What are those words on the right side of the page?

  • Create: Write the first line of a new story
  • Add: Add a line to a current story
  • Read: Read all the finished stories

Tips for Getting Started

  • Leave your lines open ended (“He opened the box to find”) to help the next person more easily pick up where you left off.
  • You only have 180 characters, so you have to be succinct.
  • You only have four minutes to write a line, so you also have to be fast.
  • You only get one line per story, so make it count.
  • If you see a line you like, click on it right away before someone else does. Only one person at a time can add to each story.
  • Add a few elements from the previous fold to keep the story on track.
  • You can read other finished stories and vote on lines you like. Write something compelling and perhaps you’ll get on the leaderboard!

What does the shaded bar mean?
This bar shows the progress of a story. Check up on the progress of stories you’ve started or joined, or see which stories you better add to before they’re finsihed!

Why can’t I see all the open stories on the “Add” page?
You will only see stories that you are still able to fold. All previous stories that you’ve folded are accessible via your user home page or Profile page.

What is the deal with following and followers?
Following another user allows you to quickly and easily keep track of that user’s folds. When you click the “Following” tab on your Home page, the list of stories will be filtered to show only folds by those users you are currently following. On your Profile page you can view the people you are following as well as your followers (users who have chosen to follow you) by clicking the appropriate tab.

How do I follow another user?
There are two ways to follow another user:

  • Go to the user’s Profile page, click the “Follow” button in the upper right-hand corner; or
  • Go to any fold the user has written in a finished story, mouse over the line, and then click the “Follow” link that appears below the line.

How do I stop following another user?
There are three ways to stop following another user:

  • Go to your Profile page, click the “Following” tab, and then click the “unfollow” link next to the person’s username;
  • Go to the user’s Profile page, click the “Following” button in the upper right-hand corner (the link changes to “Unfollow” when you mouse over it); or
  • Go to any fold the user has written in a finished story, mouse over the line, and then click the “Follow” link that appears (the link changes to “Unfollow” when you mouse over it).

What if I want someone to stop following me?
To stop someone from following you, on your Profile page click the “Followers” tab and click the “block” link next to the person’s username. You will not be able to follow a user that you block.

How do I get on the leaderboard?
By folding great lines, of course! The users with the highest scores will appear on the leaderboard.

What does the number next to my username mean?
This is your score. It is the sum of the scores for every line you’ve folded, as voted by your fellow users.

How does scoring work?
Every line in a finished story has a score, which appears within the story next to the author’s username. If you see a line that you like, give the author a boost by clicking the “like” link that appears when you move the cursor over the line (on mobile devices, this can be accomplished by clicking on the user’s profile picture). The score is the sum of everyone’s votes for that line. A few notes:

  • You must be logged in to vote.
  • You can’t vote on a line that you wrote.
  • If you’ve already voted on a line, the box will turn red.

How is the score of a story determined?
A story’s score is calculated based on the scores of all of its lines and the length of the story. The shorter the story, the more each line’s score affects the total. For example, each vote on a ten-line story contributes one point to the story’s score, while each vote on a fifty-line story contributes only one-fifth of a point, since that story is five times as long. Why so complicated? This gives an equal chance to stories of different lengths. Otherwise, the longer stories would have all the high scores! Still looking for some actual math? Here you go:

  • (story score) = 10 × ( Σ (line score) ) ÷ (story length)

How do I check my messages?
To check your messages, mouse over the “Account” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and click “Messages.”

How do I send someone a private message?
To send someone a private message, you must be mutual followers (you follow him/her and he/she follows you). If you are mutual followers, there are two options for sending a private message:

  • Go to the user’s profile page and click the button; or
  • Follow the instructions above for checking your messages and click the “Compose” button.

What if I see a fold that violates the Terms of Service or Rules?
FoldingStory is community moderated. There is a flagging system that allows members to identify folds that violate the Terms of Service or Rules. After a fold has been flagged a sufficient number of times, the entire story will be temporarily removed and the fold reviewed for potential violations. Once any violations have been addressed, the story will be made available again.

How do I flag a line?
There are two ways to flag a line:

  • From the Add page: Click the story as if you were going to add to it, then click the symbol. Select the reason for flagging from the dropdown menu and provide additional comments if necessary.
  • From the Home and Profile pages or while reading a story you folded: Hover over the line you would like to flag and click "Flag." Select the reason for flagging from the dropdown menu and provide additional comments if necessary.

How can I improve my search results on FoldingStory?
Common words like the, by, and of, are ignored. Surround multiple words with quotes to create a search phrase and those common words will be included in your query. A single search can include multiple phrases as well as individual words to further refine the results.

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