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In conclusion, Det. Manatee amnesia occured because he went BACK IN TIME! (what a twist!)

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So did Jared Manatee make it to the finish line or didn’t he? I guess if there was a photo at the finish line we might have interfered with the result…

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I think the only thing we can be certain of is that this is a good story.

4 buddyboy4711's photo

At FoldingStory, we don’t just fold stories, we fold SPACE.

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It’s nice to see Det. Manatee bending the laws of time and space to solve a case!

6 Chaz's photo

In conclusion, Det. Manatee amnesia… (wait did I say this already?)

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Yoohoo, story of the month!

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BadAxel certainly deserves a mention as the inventor of our popular “folk hero” J. Manatee.  Cheers!

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