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And they would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for some pesky kids livestreaming it on the book of face. The video went viral. Somebody ran the video through a new AI engine that matched the freckles on the mother’s backside to a similar pattern on the backside of a woman in vacation pictures in a Photobucket account labeled: Spring Break 02. Maui Luau (Penny & Pepa). Having crossreferenced that account’s usage with the account holder’s IP address, the AI determined, with scant probability of error, that the mother was Illene Mnemony of Peoria Illinois. Having determined from Illene’s medical records being kept by her insurance company’s catering service that she was mother to a daughter, the AI then designated that daughter, Imogen, as a possible “daughter” in the viral video. The AI found the mole on her left shoulder that the “daughter” in the video had in Imogen’s Junior yearbook. The AI also determined that the drive shaft of the truck that they restored had been manufactured during WW2 in Dresden.

The AI had nothing to report concerning the lingerie that went missing. The girdle was Dupont.

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I see the missing truck driver as being played by a CGI Cary Grant.

I’m just saying.

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“Bringing Up Baby” Cary Grant or “Walk Don’t Run” Cary Grant?

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Y’know, I think it’s really nice that the mother and daughter found something constructive to do together, after the animosity they had at the beginning of the story. Sweet!

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Operation Petticoat Cary Grant.

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Oh yes. Yes, I can see that.

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What with the bra and panties and all.

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