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"Who'd like to start?" ."I would" said the the young man next to me. As he stood, light from the open window stuck him and he began to sparkle. "Hi, I'm Edward, and I'm a Lame

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Today was the day it would stop. Yes today was the day for it to stop. It should of never started in the first place.

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A great deal of confusion could certainly have been avoided if the organizers of the inaugural skin cancer prevention awareness gala hadn't titled the conference: ForSkin!

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The 21st century is characterized by the ubiquitous presence of technology in everyday life. New generation students are surrounded by computer related instruments and will

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I thought it was pretty cool just to be in the twilight but I just found out that we're also in the Twilight Zone. That gives this everlasting twilight a whole different backstory.

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Having ran for hours, Sam knew that the only way he could prevent the moon from crashing into his home town of Sunnydale was to

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A lady friend of mine recently told me one of those facts during lunch, that's just too much information at the wrong time..Apparently we eat about 5 spiders a month while we sleep

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"There you are" I say, dropping the small parcel into his greedy, cherubic, little hand. "Three cherry cordials belonging to Marie Antoinette herself...you may want to open that in

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Oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. (1) with whipped cream and berries (2) naked (3) naked with whipped cream and berries (4) when you wrinkle you nose like a bunny (5)

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Hey guys. I'm a frog. A like to eat some pizza. That may sounds a little strange, but

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