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It's awake, and it's crabby... Lobsterman!

Finished: 8/17/18 @ 21:42
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My friend the Vorlon barista said that coffee was not what I needed. "You have a hole in your mind and a hole in your heart. A bagel and roasted bean sauce won't solve that." He ha

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"Stop!" I cried. "Please stop."

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that middle something. it's not hot. it's not cold. it's not black. it's not white. that middle something. I know I said I was a DEAD END, but I am really that middle something.

Finished: 8/17/18 @ 04:02
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Al reviewed the year's results. Screen time:Reading, Goal 1:1. Result 6:1. Percent calories from protein, fat, carbs, Goal 20/40/40, Result 10/60/30. Hours of sleep per night, Goal

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They say that seminary is the cemetery for the faithful. It is black-suited, chain-wearing zombies that are sent back to the church and they wonder why the church is dying! Resurr

Finished: 8/16/18 @ 22:45
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I ducked just in time. The neon pink paint ball which was clearly meant for me splattered right in Captain Spalding's face. He held his paintball gun over his head and yelled WAR!

Finished: 8/16/18 @ 22:30
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I was walking through the woods one day, and I came to a fork in my path. No signs signified which road led to where. One path was dark, with trees growing up on each side, clawing

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By the time Emma reached the dormitory, she had a pounding headache. All she wanted to do was find her dorm room, drop off her things, and flop down on her bed for a long nap, but

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Mr. Quinn woke one morning. Except, inexplicably, it was night. He looked out his window. The sun was not up. The birds were not chirping. What in the world had happened?

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