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How could they charge the hotel manager? That's insane.

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They stood around awkwardly as thoughts flashed through her mind. *Don't react. It's okay. Just act natural.* She'd dealt with smaller varieties before, but a true micro?

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...and Annie Lennox was a vampire pirate and there were the Pet Shop Boys in cone hats and Queen with some girl and that guy from Arthur ( the other guy) was the Walrus and

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Maurice was saddened to discover that the moist toilette market was already saturated. It had been his dream since childhood to

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Her friends fight back. She does not. Her friends die. She survives.

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Μια φορά και έναν καιρό ήταν μια κοπέλα με πράσινα παπούτσια και φανταχτερά μαλλιά. Ζούσε σε ένα κόκκινο σπίτι μαζί με την οικογένειά της: τη μαμά της, τον μπαμπά της και τα μικρά

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He grinned at me, a devilish grin and not the handsome kind but the kind that made your blood boil. The only thing holding me back were theses chains.

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"Eh, look, I don't want to be rude, but I'm not much of a conversationalist, and I really want to finish this article, a friend of mine wrote it, so... " "Don't let me stand in you

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The pirate ship came sailing towards them, tall and menacing. It didn’t need to turn broadside for them all to know that it’s guns were out and primed; and that there were a lot

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"John Jacob Jinglemeyer Schmidt... His name is my name too..." woke him from a fitful dream. It didn't help that his name was John Jacob Jinglemeyer Schmidt. John opened the window

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