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So IF by the time this story ends, MoralEnd has over 10,000 points, everyone on FoldingStory is going to Hawaii to celebrate this great milestone in FS history. If he doesn't,

Finished: 3/24/18 @ 10:28
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A severed zombie head lay in the field next to him, moaning "brains' breathlessly to itself. To his right, a fiery jet of magma shot into the air, pooling in a small kitchen sink.

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One day Taylor was walking through the cold snow to reach his eight o'clock class, which started in five minutes. He was halfway there when the wind picked up and blew off his hat.

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Richard Brandly Jr. barhopped for the last 3 years. He'd visited the Icebar in Yukkasyarvi, the Faraday in Antarctica, the Baobab Tree Bar in South Africa, but his next destination

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Skip the Skunk skipped skittishly to school, singing skunkish songs. "You've changed your tune, Skip!" One passerby was heard to say. Skip replied "

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In the Zenbook™ halls, the zen students pounded their laptops on their chest while chanting "less is more". Master Shih strode in for his motivational powerpoint presentation.

Finished: 3/22/18 @ 20:29
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Deep in Crystal Lake, Jason waits. In his morbid evil brain he ponders his unlife. Perhaps, he should go out for a sandwich.

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She was tan. She was tall. She was gorgeous. I had to talk to her. "Excuse me, miss?" "Yeah?" A not so lady-like voice answered. Wait...he? I stared at her. She, or he, laughed.

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The crowd is not to be heard. Close your ears to their message. Close your eyes to their message. Go away from the world to not hear the din of the crowd. Hide away in the Silence.

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After umbral flashes & a brief inflationary period, a swollen red giant had a coronal mass ejection resulting in orbital insertion of ejecta into the companion star. The Panspermia

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