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Al took his singing masturbation act on the road, reinventing himself as “Sonny Bone-OH!” Song parodies like “Beat the Meat Goes On” & “A Cowboy Jerks It Till He’s Done” were Al’s

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Darth Alexejewitsch Vader arrived at the Mariyinsky palace in a litter carried by four storm troopers. He nodded to the assembled public. The Force was strong

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Hi, my name is Ciaran and I'm a monk in a medieval monastery called Clonmacnoise....

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I landed with a dull thud atop a lilly which gave way and I was soon submerged in the pond. The silence of the gold fish was

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The Moon was a pale disk in the roiling sky, casting its leery gaze over the landscape: trees, barren of leaves, bending under a screeching wind. Black dust, the choking ash, swirl

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Aren't you going to ask me about the Ghurtvin invasion?

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They decided to hold their wedding in the office elevator. "...because" Margo gushed, "that's where we met!" She sighed. The caterer scratched his head. "How many guests?" he asked

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Lieutenant colonel John Dykeson sat alone as he always did from 15 00 - 16 30. The lamp's yellow light cast a jaundiced pallor over his drawn skin. A fan moved but the air was too

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Knock, knock! "Who's there?" asked LucieLucie. "It's us," came the enigmatic response. LucieLucie opened the door to strangers. "It's us...your FoldingStory friends," said a tall

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I sometimes wonder if I am eating a banana too loudly. Or maybe I’m swallowing water wrongly. Behavior that is far from the norm. Then I remember the norm is what none of us is.

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