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Aren't you going to ask me about the Ghurtvin invasion?

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They decided to hold their wedding in the office elevator. "...because" Margo gushed, "that's where we met!" She sighed. The caterer scratched his head. "How many guests?" he asked

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Lieutenant colonel John Dykeson sat alone as he always did from 15 00 - 16 30. The lamp's yellow light cast a jaundiced pallor over his drawn skin. A fan moved but the air was too

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Knock, knock! "Who's there?" asked LucieLucie. "It's us," came the enigmatic response. LucieLucie opened the door to strangers. "It's us...your FoldingStory friends," said a tall

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I sometimes wonder if I am eating a banana too loudly. Or maybe I’m swallowing water wrongly. Behavior that is far from the norm. Then I remember the norm is what none of us is.

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Soon sinkholes began appearing all over Florida, and within a week, a quarter of state had disappeared to God-knows-where. It was then that scientists made the shocking discovery

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There is very little time left. 24 hours to be exact. If I don't shut it off the world will be destroyed

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The patient has an impossible body type and is far too thin for her height The Patient has been admitted after having compulsions to respond to partying requests with "aww aww yea"

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You're listening to 106.4 FM, "The Krill", the only radio station playing exclusively beluga whale mating calls put to a metronome. Next up, we have that hot single, "My Blowhole

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I was sitting wondering how many times you could drop your ipad before it actually, you know, broke for real. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a cat with wings chasing a robin

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