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Exhausting the possibilities of modern pedagogy, teachers began to resort to "the old ways": Druidic magic, totems, shamanism and vision quests. Surprisingly, the latest data show

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You are a molecule of water (in liquid form) floating along happily in the ocean when suddenly……….

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Lucie decided she needed to go cold turkey from FS. Being literal minded, she booked a 2 week holiday in Turkey. She got her eyebrows threaded & set off without an electronic devic

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The lunchroom was full of pissants that hated me. They objected to my warming my lunch, usually sardines, in the microwave oven. The found fault with the fact that i urinated where

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If lettuce is so slimming, how come there are fat rabbits?

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Jack Knight donned his helmet & lowered the canopy. He'd wanted to be a fighter pilot as long as he could remember but lived in fear his jet would explode in a fiery plume of death

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I decided to take dance lessons from Ronnie's Dance, Trance, and Pants Studio, run by the great Ronnie himself. When I found out that Ronnie was working for the CIA, things got

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Dirk was stirring his coffee with his usual steely purpose. He emphatically unwrapped two sugar lumps, examined them closely and rejected one as substandard. He dropped the more pe

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DarkMaster must have cast a spell on the Broncos, 'cause right now, they're suckin' pretty bad.

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"Oreius,feed our prisoners to the LYTHIAN DRAKON.Luke commanded."Luke,my brother is going to lose against that CYCLOPS."shouted Agreius.

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