1 LordVacuity's photo

Wait a minute buster, you don’t know what Hocapontas is going to do next. She might have an idea or two when it came to circumcision Your birthday isn’t over yet until you get your last present.

2 StigMartyr's photo

I’m certain I typed out “before,” not “being.” Damn phone!

3 Gibber's photo

I cut PurpleProf’s guilt trip pretty short.

4 PurpleProf's photo

HAHAA! Yeah, Gibber… Funny, though…

5 Woab's photo

I loved it. I killed everyone but ...whatever. And Toog’s last line was epic.

6 SlimWhitman's photo

The whole thing’s epic.

7 Woab's photo

We’re only 6 away from 100 likes on this one! Will we make it?

8 IceSquad's photo

So long as the pilot stays awake.

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