1 SlimWhitman's photo

Excellent. my list is on the internet. Now I’ll never lose it.

2 DanMars's photo

Ha Ha, this is great!

3 SlimsBro's photo

And in an ironic twist, the email after the one informing me this fold was finished said “Take the plunge!”

5 gbgbgbgb's photo

I love this story so much. Grats for making the August newsletter!

6 sundancer's photo

Awww thanks for making my story featured this month! :-)

7 DanMars's photo

It’s impressive how many people continued with the list, nice!

8 buddyboy4711's photo

Happy to see this one make the Newsletter. And congrats to SlimWhitman, 49erFaithful, and Chaz for surpassing 1,000 likes!

9 49erFaithful's photo

The cyber-champagne and -cigars are on me! Some great lines in this one for sure.

10 Chaz's photo

An infinite number of monkeys is jealous :)

11 SlimsBro's photo

I’m so proud of my bro… *sniff*

12 m80's photo

Well deserved!

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