"Ruusunnuppu, what a a... lovely name. What

  • "Ruusunnuppu, what a a... lovely name. What does it mean?"

  • Ruusunnuppu is an Indian name inspired by the Sikh god Ruusunn, who was the king of the ancient race. His home was among the trees in the depths of the Indian Jungle.

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  • not in a box, not with a fox

  • . Not in a house. Not with a mouse. I would not eat them here. I would not eat them there. I would not eat them anywhere.

  • I would not eat them with a grouse, near a house, or during a joust. Not even when I was feeling soused. I would not eat them - Sam I am.

  • Could you eat them in duress? Would you eat them under stress? Eat them now today I say. Eat them now to survive okay. I would not eat them presently. (I must escape here hastily.)

  • Jeffrey replaced the head and gonads into the freezer and ran to the bedroom to pack. The cops would be there any minute. He'd have to risk jumping to the next rooftop if there was

  • any chance of evading the fuzz. Then he remember the pogo stick nestled in the corner! It was well used but certainly up to the small task of clearing the 15 foot chasm. Jeffrey

  • BOINNNGED, BOINNNGED, BO-INNGGED into and across the hole & then off into the sunset, never to be seen again. And that is the legend of Jeffrey Fuzzbuster! Time for bed now...



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