You gotta check this out, I said to no one

  • You gotta check this out, I said to no one in particular in the crowded room as I hiked up my shirt to show off my

  • battle scar. "Roller derby is rough. That chick had an axe in her sports bra." Crickets. My torso was tan, but I might as well've been a ghost at this party. Would a sword wound

  • have made me look scarier? I wished I had my Hattori Hanzô blade, but it was at my brother's house. Distracted, I nearly slammed into a skater in dark robes, wielding a scythe.

  • The skater in dark robes who wielded a scythe called himself, "Seth." He told me this bizarre story that included a homeless chick, Jamaicans and can of weed.

  • Scythe wielding Seth said "Some Jamicans got off the bus and handed this homeless chick a can of weed

  • and she injected it. I don't know how you are going to handle saving all those kids now that she did this and got the superpower of

  • dust:being able to loosely stick to any surface and immediately returning to it after being blown or wiped off.Plus,she was now able to sometimes cause allergies over time.

  • That was just desserts for Mr. Pgdzhkjzxbvski PhD. He billeted her and then barbequed her once onceleoparda Leopard spots refused to change. That was just another sign that she wa

  • a demigod. The devil worshiping Mr. Pgdzhkjzxbvski PhD had no intention of allowing her onceleoparda Leopard spots to infect others with a positive can do attitude. She escaped thr

  • -rough the demons legs like a bat out of Heck. The demon was unable to follow her, as it got one of it's horns stuck 'where the sun don't shine'. She was alive and free for now.



  1. mporkwing Mar 03 2017 @ 17:40

    Rebbie, did you have to copy and paste Mr. Pgdzhkjzxbvski's name. i just had to.

  2. Rebbie Mar 03 2017 @ 17:54

    Lol! Oh yeah. Only once was I crazy enough to spell out one of those wilder names you see here at FS. Once was plenty.

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