The space ship landed on top of the school.

  • The space ship landed on top of the school. Jobe and Adam had snuck up there to smoke and drink beer. They woke up, saw the door open and inside the ship was Abraham Lincoln

  • wearing a pink tutu and sparkling silver tights. Nonetheless, recognizing Lincoln by his top hat and beard, the two boys approached the spaceship and

  • showed off the latch-hook rugs they started at summer camp. Lincoln pretended to care, scratching his beard, wondering to himself if anyone ever finished those things.

  • It was clear that McClellan had to be replaced, but could he get Cabinet support for that? Grant was known for his fine needlepoint and Lincoln was reasonably sure that

  • that wouldn't help at all. However, Grant ran a fine butchery, so Lincoln was convinced that Grant would be a fine replacement for McClellan. "Grant the Butcher" proceeded to

  • drink beer in the oval office. Old Ulysses would invite his collegues to a BBQ in the rose garden. He wore an apron that read, "Blue or Gray, I just like 'em, Well done!" Some felt

  • he was coming out of the closet, others were just utterly oblivious to the way Ulysses and Theodore swung. There were only 10 burgers left to go, and Beetle Bailey hadn't gotten

  • any sleep since he broke it off with Fred Flintstone. Beetle sighed. They were just from different eras. It never would have worked out. Everything that General Halftrack had showe

  • red on his niece Miss Emily De Veous was destroyed when the mansion was ransacked by the rebel forces. General Halftrack ordered his men to capture the

  • renegade muppet Yoda who children to like this talk he taught. He was a threat to the mission of muppetfolk. Him and that troublemaker E.T. What kind of english is "E.T. go home."!



  1. SlimWhitman Dec 30 2012 @ 06:49

    I like how it started with a spaceship landing witnessed by teenagers, somehow fits the ending.

  2. jaw2ek Dec 30 2012 @ 14:43

    And out comes the red pen again! Figuratively, of course.

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