OMG... I just woke up in a room full of naked

  • OMG... I just woke up in a room full of naked people. That's the third time this week it's happened. Then there was the cheesy fry incident. Clearly the LSD was beginnning to ta

  • ke hold of my memories. I needed to lay off the drugs and maybe the cheese fries...NO! Cheese fries were like gods tiny omnipotent cheese gods. They ruled my life like the

  • Pashalik of Janina ruled the Edris. So I would have to build my new diet regime around cheese fries. As for the drugs. That was another big one. I needed to smoke two joints before

  • .. I smoked two joints. Then, I would generally smoke two more. I've never been a junky, but I do know where to get it. But there's always lots of fun stuff to do, like relax and

  • eat and (giggle) laugh at Jesus' face baked into this...(guffaw)... po-po-potato chip! See? To my utter amazement Potato Chip Jesus smiled serenely at me & winked. Then He said, "

  • Be not afraid, for lo, I will turn this bag of potato chips into a whole snack aisle full of them!" And with a wave of His arm, Potato Chip Jesus turned my apartment into a 7-11.

  • "Rad!" I said to Potato Chip Jesus. "You're Welcome," PCJ said, heading for the door. "Wait!" I exclaimed. "I love a good bedroom into 7-11 miracle as much as the next guy, but do

  • you have anything in the Luis the fourteenth style, you know something more...Sun King-ish?

  • "I'm afraid we're all out Sir... Incredibly fashionable these days y'know, its our top seller." I frowned. How's a Frenchman supposed to go outside without his handlebar mustache?

  • ¨Guess I´ll take the ´Hitler´," I said. Paid and pasted, out into the street i went. Jeez, these folks are worse than Parisians. What dirty looks. Is it the stache, or the MAGA ha



  1. Woab Apr 04 2020 @ 13:10

    ha ha!

  2. pinky Apr 04 2020 @ 22:56

    Another interesting arc, LSD - Potato Chip Jesus - 7-11 - The Sun King - Hitler. Very interesting...puff...puff

  3. Flopp Apr 05 2020 @ 05:08

    Hitler stache at discount prices - BUY NOW!!

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