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  • Must. Have. Coffeeee. A flood of undead office assistants with outstretched arms poured into the break room. Muuuh. Unnnggh.

  • I threw my ramen at the closest one. The poverty food of champions. It did it's job. They all died of obesity and starvation. I leveled up at the front desk and ran screaming into

  • a glass door I hadn't noticed. With a dizzy head, a limp and nose blood running down my upper body I was perfect for the job. That's what the director told me when

  • he sucker-punched me in the gut, handcuffed me, and threw me out into the street. I was literally in the middle of the street, trying to get back up on my feet as horns honked and

  • passsers-by shouted, "Mutie!" If Professor X could telepathically see me now, I thought to myself. The handcuffs were nothing, I sloughed them off in nanoseconds, but the asphalt

  • Had teeth that I was able to avoid by wearing cleats. Thankfully I arrived home just before the sink hole erupted and the pedestrians were injured. Whew!

  • Good thing I had my lucky rabbit's foot in my pocket that day. (Just sayin') Sure, I felt sorry for all those who got hurt, but I had bigger things to worry about at this point.

  • Because if this really was the Resurrection, then the dead would regain everything they'd lost & she recalled that the rabbit that her lucky rabbit's foot came from was a monster.

  • Well, not really a monster, but a freak of nature. You see, he had been born with five feet. A doctor had removed the fifth foot, and he had gone on to a better life. Until now.



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