And might come potatoes not with rain, though.

  • And might come potatoes not with rain, though. This is enevitably four for five wouldn't, alas, mixed toasts have rights. But on the bean with the rain is not what was thought by

  • yesterday's weather forecaster. We were in a serious drought, and the crops were shriveling up. I went outside and stuck an arm out. When I felt the wet patter on my skin, I knew

  • my upstairs neighbor was pissing off his balcony again. I shrugged it off as proactive steps for the next time my arm got stung by jellyfish. On the lawn the frogsong was picking

  • up as the frogs anticipated the arrival of the jellyfish on the beach beyond. To these gigantic frogs, jellyfish are just very huge and spicy bugs. I enjoyed watching them leap

  • frog over the jellyfish but one giant frog belly-flopped from jellyfish to jellyfish saying "boing boing boing" with each bounce,landed near my feet & bowed over his portly belly &

  • flubbered, "Thae jelllyfish ain't booncy enuf." I passed the giant Scottish frog a universal complaints form to fill in while the blue lobster continued manicuring my toes. Dramati

  • cly a Starfish entered walking as though on a Milan runway, tossing her pointy head haughtily. Omg! I said to the blue lobster is she wearing Armani? Where does a Starfish get tha

  • t much sultriness? The blue lobster ignored me, his eyestalks glued to the starfishes's waddle. I didn't like the way he was looking at her. I ran a tentacle down his back the way

  • the sexy manatees rub on the backs of their lovers in those "Oceans 54" movies. No reaction. I blew out about an acre of my guts to show off. Only the sea cucumber noticed.

  • The sea cucmber slolwy rolled towards me and a little smile appear on it`s wrinkly face. "Sexy manatees stalker you are? I am also a big fan my dear." And we stared together.



  1. Perronicus Sep 03 2018 @ 16:16

    I don't know what I was on when I wrote that

  2. Woab Sep 04 2018 @ 17:23

    Anyone who could write "The sea cucmber slolwy rolled towards me and a little smile appear on it`s wrinkly face" is okay in my book.

  3. SlimWhitman Sep 04 2018 @ 17:44

    @Perronicus: You were definitely toasted.

  4. ValkyrieGrrl Sep 08 2018 @ 06:16

    @Woab...@Sangis...and any sea cucumber who can pull off a convincing Yoda impression is pretty wicked keen in my book, too, :-)

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