"I like my friends alive, but thanks for

  • "I like my friends alive, but thanks for asking,"

  • "Are you sure? Most people would want to exterminate vermin but you... You have made little sweaters for them all... and... given them names?"

  • Cinderella's tinkling laugh filled my senses. I couldn't help but stare. She was tattered & unkempt,no doubt lonely. Her best friends were mice, for crying' out loud! A little off?

  • Cinderella was laughing so hard she tinkled all over the carpet. She, of course, apologized profusely and offered to clean it up, but I couldn't bear the thought of her scrubbing

  • In fishnet stockings and hooker red lipstick would ever pay the bills, suddenly a thought hit her like a mississippi pimp she began to smile almost like a fox in heat, im ready to.

  • To be that women all men crave.I want to make all men fall for me with desire. As i walk along any street. My scent will have men throbbing for a touch of me. I want to be your

  • downfall. Desire me, seduce me, let me into your home. Let your guard down; relax. While you're asleep I'll rob you blind and make myself rich. Ah, the life of a femme fatale!

  • This one was fresh off another dead rich husband with an eye out for the next one, rich being the main theme with dead closely behind. She was sure she could spot a dirty rotten sc

  • umbag from a mile away. So she positioned herself a mile away from the entrance to the Bohemian Club in San Francisco & waited. Soon she spotted an eligible bachelor and sprinted

  • up curstied & said "Mein Herr von't you marry a Cherman lass? I vill bring you sourkraut,bockwurst & cold beer in ze tall glass" but it was young Scrooge who just said "Ba Humbug!"



  1. SlimWhitman May 06 2018 @ 17:21

    Aschenputtel is the name of our femme fatale in German.

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