The crouched, shivering figure of a girl

  • The crouched, shivering figure of a girl sat upon her bed. Tears rolled down her face as more chocked sobs escaped her throat. She was crying because

  • her mattress was floating, with her on it, out in the middle of the sea. She thought it was a dream, but the stinging rays of the sun & the sight of a...OMG! Is that a SHARK?!!

  • She tore the trim off the mattress, bent & affixed one of her heavy hoop earrings to it & cast it in the direction of the shark. With thoughts of shark fin soup she saw the dorsal

  • as a triangular meal ticket. Sure enough the great white chomped down on her bait and got caught by her ear ring. She tugged at the other end getting her hairpin ready

  • to stab in the great white's eye. But as she pulled him closer, she realized his majesty. She sensed his desire for friendship rather than violence. She could tell he was lonely.

  • She felt his ambivalence and tingled with his omniscience. The great white vibrated as she stroked his dorsal fin with trepidation while he chewed on an internet cable dubiously

  • . He said telepathically, "Alright. I won't to eat you. I need a sidekick. Hang on." She straddled the vibrating, all-knowing great white and held onto his dorsal. The stars were

  • out so she could see the moray's on the Great White Shark's lips. With her mind she said, "Let me." And she kicked the sucker fish off. The Great White thought, "Oh my gawd, thank

  • Mother Mary. We need to have a party to celebrate this fabulous occasion!" So the sea gods were prayed to. They decided to be nice for a change and granted the Great White's wish.

  • All the living beings of the ocean were invited to the party. The predators, their meals and the meals of the meals. The kind of party you can't tell if you'll get out of it alive.



  1. lucielucie Sep 06 2014 @ 15:02

    I'd just read that sharks were eating internet cables under the sea when I wrote that fold so I used the info to be topical & up to date.

  2. SlimWhitman Sep 06 2014 @ 16:17

    "Yes, come right here to FoldingStory, to be at the very pulse of the internet! It's the place where ..." Chomp.

  3. 49erFaithful Sep 09 2014 @ 14:19

    Solid story. I've been to a couple of those kinds of parties lucian. Things got a little sketchy there for a minute.

  4. PurpleProf Sep 13 2014 @ 14:16

    Actually saw my first shark since moving to the East Coast just the other day. I was walking along the shore and its fin was brownish -- probably a sand shark -- like, 3 feet away from me before I ran out of the water. AAGGHHH!

  5. lucielucie Sep 13 2014 @ 14:41

    Hope your internet's OK PP.

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