So are you allowed to trim during Movember?

  • So are you allowed to trim during Movember? I'm really not sure what the rules here are. I don't want to have to sacrifice my prostate due to a technicality or anything.

  • She sighed and twiddled her pen. People used to have real problems in the old days when she started as an Agony Aunt. "I think if you stick to 70s porn star, your can't go wrong,"

  • Agony Aunt suddenly realized the significance of her pen twiddling & stopped. Picked up the next inquiry. "Dear Aunt Agony, I can't get no satisfaction. Cause I try & I try & I try

  • She signed the note, "Yours with slight reservations." She licked the envelop. It tasted like crem brulee. She had no stamp. She walked to the post office that always smelled like

  • saliva and adhesives. "Can't you smell that smell?" She asked the clerk. He looked at her incredulously but handed her a book of stamps. She stuck a flowery one on the envelope,

  • and pushed the envelope under the teller window. Then the clerk got a whiff of the halitoisis lingering under the stamp. She smiled at him, enjoying the thought, he could smell her

  • Laughter as line7 of the story was folded. This was no ordinary folded story ... but then no folding story was ordinary. It took three years for this to be fully appreciated by the

  • CSI team. This particular Folding Story is to be used as Exhibit 12 in the infamous Dougie vs Twerk case. After 3 long years, this Story holds clear evidence that

  • Mr Twerk had always wanted to murder Mr Dougie. Unti the 3rd of April, in the night. The bullet found at the kitchen of Mr Dougie came from a Deagle, but surprisingly

  • Deagle died 6 hours before. Officers investigated Twerk but, he'd morphed into a pile of mold & concluded it was alien fairies Mr. Dougie since tiny wings were found at the scene.



  1. Rebbie Oct 21 2016 @ 12:00

    killed* please insert before Mr Dougie last

  2. Ramonatore Oct 21 2016 @ 12:46

    Untill* Sorry about that!

  3. PurpleProf Oct 21 2016 @ 14:36

    Let's get back to Aunt Agony: http://foldingstory.com/ratba/

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