The McGriddle said to the McDonald's employee,

  • The McGriddle said to the McDonald's employee, "I am evil."

  • The McDonald's employee, a pimply teen by the name of Brenda, replied to her talking breakfast "But tasty", then proceeded to devour the sentient sandwich bite by savory bite, its

  • cries quickly stifling into the silence of the room. "Hmmm..." Said the psychiatrist behind the glass wall. "This means shock therapy for you Brenda. I'm really sorry but

  • I'll have to at attach electrodes and fry your brain." "Couldn't I have a couple of paracetamol instead," whimpered Brenda, "it's just a bit of a headache." The psychiatrist threw

  • up his hands. "Oh, your one of those anti-shock freaks aren't you, Brenda? There is nothing a few volts can't cure. Now Hop onto the gurney while I strap you in." Brenda ran.

  • "What about you Kelly? Up for a little electro?" "Well, I haven't been jogging as much as I'd like. Can you target my abs and thighs?" "Oh sure, no problem." He strapped her in.

  • Attached the electrodes. Turned her on. "I'm really super flabby!" she shouted over the hum of the electro. "Could you turn up the setting to HIGH, please?" "Sure, Kellsters!" Bbbb

  • the machine started making an unusual noise. Dddd Gggg Bzzzt the noise got louder. "What's that, darling?" I couldn't make out what she was saying. And then I smelled burning flesh

  • "Help!!!" she cried. I rush to help her, but it was too late...

  • Before I got the hard facts of her incredible story, witnesses, addresses , even just her name she spoke her last words, "It happened in Foldspace.." I was left with a mystery.



  1. SlimWhitman Mar 15 2013 @ 20:39

    The McGriddler got her...

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