He grabbed me by the throat, slamming my

  • He grabbed me by the throat, slamming my head into the brick wall. "Never," he yelled, "underestimate the influence the collapse of the Ottoman Empire had on the origins of WW1!"

  • Alex Trebek was scaring me. "P-please, Alex, let me go." He replied, "Never underestimate the influence the collapse of this wall had on the origins of your death." The bricks fell

  • about us in random denominations. Half of the Jeopardy audience fled the ruins in fright; the others sat rapt and ready. Despite Alex's throttling, I said, "I'll take 'No Exit' for

  • £600." Harold Pinter's last performance was "Krapp's Last Tape" so I won some money.

  • But I finally had to face the fact that Becket no longer offered the answers to the absurd questions his life was built around. What did it matter if 6 characters were searching if

  • My own character was a no show? I could not even find the courage to as "who am I today" even when did I he to me to ask it. Instead I walked outside and stood under the Smoker's

  • Awning and lit up a stogy. It wasn't fair, them making us nicotine addicts have to stand out in the cold. Didn't they know we were sick people? Wasn't our skin grey enough? Weren't

  • our lungs black enough?! We decided it was a bunch of Bolshevik and besides, my comrade Ivan had a bad case of the Trotskys. He was going to need something to Putin real soon.

  • But I occupied the Poluteburo. My factory was overproducing waste so I was Stalin Ivan. "Just one more Five Year Plan, I've almost completed my campaign!" I yelled through the peep

  • hole of the office my employees locked me in. I could'nt complete my plan. I was fed through a hole under the door & given nothing but Barney shows to watch. Hence *twitch, twitch*



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