Down to Earth! She was so tired of people

  • Down to Earth! She was so tired of people telling her how she had to become more responsable,and that at her she should start thinking about her future...but Suse's single care was

  • her music. Suse the Muse, she called herself, and that was the only future she cared about. What she lacked was an instrument, a passion for

  • bootleg whiskey kept her too inebriated to play the instrument she longed to play. So she ended up playing a kazoo in the stage production of

  • "warbots." She was one of the soldiers that controlled the light infantry warbot from behind enemy lines. She was method acting with her WII and Go-bots and lost her grip on

  • reality as the thought-police descended on her for being double-plus creative. She should have known better—creativity even in small amounts is punished with summary combustion.

  • Which is why they no longer write summaries. They do not do outlines, or synopsises either. What was the point if they would just be burned by the thought police?

  • A small band of renegade Cliff Noters lived in the hills. They hid their brief summaries in caves so future generations, if they survived the dark ages, might pass a written test,

  • with a minimal amount of time invested and an even lesser understanding of the context for the original work. The renegade Cliff Noters only Cliff Noted steamy romance novels, so

  • they began interviewing all lost original intentions of author's words until Faulkner, Hemingway, and Dr. Seuss formed a literary mob and began climbing the cliff of notes in a

  • n angry protest. Dr. Seuss declared, "Sometimes the glory of a story is that it doesn't mean a thing. It's demeaning to suggest meaning in a word without an aim."



  1. sundancer Jul 29 2011 @ 16:30

    Thanks so much for featuring my fold this month! This was a good story.

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