That old bag is made of cells. Cells are

  • That old bag is made of cells. Cells are bags of liquid and proteinaceous glob. They contain organelles. Organelles are just smaller bags with more liquid and glob. Tea bag theory

  • presents several internal contradictions which are as irreconcilable as the factions of the US GOP. Post-modernism, seen through the lens of contemporary biomorphic pottery, cannot

  • make a very good beer stein. As an art major, his depictions of pheasants taking wing, represented the brutal architecture movement of the 70s. The mugs were completely porous.

  • When he poured beer into the Stein, it would disappear into the pottery. He had to suck at the mug to retrieve it. This represented 'Life Sucks & You're a Sucker' ceramically.

  • This was what the Oregonian Hippy told me between drags of Maui Wowie. I looked hard at his pony tail and thought

  • about the forests that would no longer be there at the end of that pony trail if Josephus couldn't get Caligula to order the centurions to fall back to the Whispering Falloff fort.

  • Morpheus was busy dispensing acid so his opponents would go on trips and never return. The Flying Hyenas were able to escape and set up their own kingdom 3,485,864 miles away. They

  • start a restaurant franchise there called HFMH, Hyena-Fried-Monkey-Heads. The people of Cleveland, being open-minded, embraced this new cuisine, and very soon the hyenas found

  • themselves an endangered species because they were wanted for their oil. The franchise tried regular cooking oil to fry monkey heads, but hyena oil just had extra zing. But the hy

  • brid oil, a last ditch effort to combine the flavor of one oil with the cheapness of the other, proved to be toxic to humans. The whole operation was soon shut down by the FDA.



  1. SlimWhitman Nov 15 2019 @ 16:55

    LL, had be LOLing already, and then at "ceramically" i just lost it.

  2. Woab Nov 16 2019 @ 11:58

    Good wrap-up, Toogs!

  3. Toogs Nov 16 2019 @ 14:32

    Thanks! Fun story

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