After Teresa instituted her new regime we,

  • After Teresa instituted her new regime we, the living from both rigs, took a break to lick our wounds. I, thinking it was iced tea, drank a whole large jar of LSD laced jalapeños.

  • The fact I lived to tell you about it in this folding story is a miracle. It tasted dreadful and I quickly excused myself to throw up. My buddy Gus checked on me and called Dr. X.

  • Gus met Dr. X at the door and said "She ate another one". Dr. X was aghast. "Is she out of her mind!?". The doctor and Gus walked over to the couch where I lay. Dr. X reached into

  • his pocket and pulled out a compact electromagnet. He lay it gently against my stomach and sighed when a jagged shape showed through my abdomen. "She'll die if she doesn't

  • live through the night," the Dr. said gravely. His assistant nodded. "That makes sense." The Dr pocketed the compact electromagnet, and his staff readied me for abdominal surgery

  • Swallowing the pinballs from my winning streak at Wong Pinball Emporium to prevent others from repeating it had turning into a duodenal nightmare."No general anasthesea" said Dr

  • Wikid, the surgeon, peering eagerly into the hollow of my bowels. Dr. Wikid stretched my navel & released, sending a pinball careening around a lung to bounce off the heart & into

  • my gallbladder for 500 points. Dr. Wikid then gave me a tilt, making the pinball nestle into my clavicle. My eyes lit up and he got a free game. By this time I was feeling much

  • more willing to just go with the flow of the evening's developments so I let them finish up. By night's end my bumpers were sore, my flippers needed oil and one of my pinballs had

  • lodged in my bagetelle. But that's not gonna stop me... I'm banging back, baby. I'm banging back.



  1. Woab Aug 03 2016 @ 13:30

    Ding ding ding!!!

  2. LordVacuity Dec 07 2016 @ 23:58

    That turned out a whole lot different than my dream but this reality is cool too. I'm just saying.

  3. LordVacuity Dec 08 2016 @ 00:01

    Who is to say that everything after my opener is not the trip my line engendered?

  4. LordVacuity Dec 08 2016 @ 00:03

    Was the jagged shape shaped like chipped jalapenos?

  5. LordVacuity Dec 08 2016 @ 00:06

    You would be pretty if you weren't so ugly. I heard that once. Not at me, though, but at the man beside me in the mirror.

  6. LordVacuity Dec 08 2016 @ 00:09

    I thought he was a very handsome man.

  7. LordVacuity Dec 08 2016 @ 00:22

    Except for the fact that he looks just like me. He is the spitting image of me to which I can attest.

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