Glyn glanced upward, past the black mouths

  • Glyn glanced upward, past the black mouths of the penwyth caves in which grown dragons and their chosen riders lived, toward the obsidian that crowned the ridge of the old volcano

  • where drakelings were hatched by the lava's heat. Glyn led her tiny band of imps towards the rim. Her last attempt to steal an egg had cost her 3 fingers, but she'd show them now!

  • "Grok, i hid a message for you inside this very cool foldingstory! pingpong stories are my favorite, so message ME,foo

  • d for thought if you know what I mean. Wink wink nudge nudge. Say no more. Do you grok it? I bat the ball to you and then it is your turn to

  • 0
  • With your knife and your fork and eat a beach full of pingas

  • You've gotta do it really aggressively though. Shovel those pingas into your mouth and stare at anyone who comes near you like they'll be next if they try anything.

  • “Pop‘em in like Anaheim peppers and stare,” the brown eyes questioned? “But my ojos!” // “Yep, it ain’t a party until someone loses an ojo!” // “Oh my,” the pupils widened in fear.

  • I once went to Paris, but it was so boring I slept the whole time and now look what happened to me? I didn't even live my life, I just sat through it, bored and boring and now I

  • I have this gigantic head growing out of my neck! What's the dealio? I didn't sign up for this. I just wanted to go to Paris and not be bored, but those damned mimes



  1. inatick Dec 04 2015 @ 00:27

    Poor Glyn and the dragon riders never had a chance. Gravir you story hijacker!

  2. grok Dec 04 2015 @ 10:04

    Uh, Gravir was responding to my profile page request for story pingpong. I meant to use the messages menu, but any hardcore FSer would probably sent a message in a fold. ;) @gravir: Thnx for responding, bonus pts for the foldy format! @inatick: Helluva starting fold! You should grant Glyn a 2nd chance. A great many stories don't stand a chance on FS, that's one reason I put up the request. @everyone/anyone else up for story pingpong? Pls send me a msg! :)

  3. SlimWhitman Dec 05 2015 @ 07:27

    The type of pingpong played her involves giving the story your best spin, not interupting a promising story development with facebook pitter patter. If you want that, there are plenty of outlets. Thanks.

  4. inatick Dec 06 2015 @ 23:06

    Thanks SlimWhitman. I could not have said my concerns about interrupting story development better myself. As always I have much respect for the wise words of SlimWhitman.

  5. grok Dec 07 2015 @ 10:32

    It appears the jovial tone of my previous comment was inappropriate. I am very sorry and apologize for breaking this promising storyline. I clarified my text right after the incident, it will not happen again. At no point did I wish to disturb this site or its community, as I hold great admiration and respect for both. Thank you for pointing out the importance of this matter.

  6. inatick Dec 08 2015 @ 02:45

    I hold no grudge Grok. Thank you for your understanding and kind words. It is the supportive nature of this site and its community that I admire most. I have found that people are very forgiving of my grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Grok it is our imperfections that make us unique. I guess what I'm trying to say is we all make mistakes and no harm was done.

  7. SlimWhitman Dec 08 2015 @ 06:57

    Same sentiment here. I think communicating about things like this keeps the site and community healthy. I enjoy your contributions and wanted to be sure we continue to enjoy them!

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