Nigel was so gleeful that the business man

  • Nigel was so gleeful that the business man had asked him about the power outlet he was sitting next to.

  • The power outlet was special in that sticking a fork into the outlet gave you 1000 extra bonus points and a 1-Up... in real life! Nigel didn't want to tell the man this however.

  • This was a classic case of onedownmanship.

  • It was no fair for us. We work hard for it. And they

  • didn't work at all! "What are they... PLAYING at?" I muttered, watching the band perform. "Are they SET on something? STRINGING us along? DRUMS?" My date wasn't impressed by my

  • choice of words or my taste in music, I could see. Too bad! I paid an arm and a leg for these concert tickets. I ignored my date's fidgeting until

  • my date started making seizure-like movements. I stared at my date, deep into their irraticly twitching face. Yelling over the blaring concert music, I asked, "Are you all right?!"

  • My date said, "I have to leave right now!" So we left and my ears were ringing the next 24 hours. That was so creepy, I never went to another concert. No way, Jose. My date

  • (and walnut cake) was also ringing from the abomination of a rockband. "Lets stop; have a picnic?" asked my date (and walnut cake). So I agreed, and we sat together to have a slice

  • of fruitcake, which I had hoped bore no resemblance to either her or to me. By the looks we were getting, I think I may have been wrong (and walnut cake).



  1. Flopp Dec 14 2016 @ 13:37

    I like the ending! (and walnut cake)

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